Analyzing Yaaram: Ek Thi Dayan

Analyzing Yaaram: Ek Thi Dayan

First let me tell you that I like this song. Real peppy number and I know few of you will kill me for this but I cannot help myself. Every time I listen to this song I feel someone singing her job resume in a very melodious and romantic style. If you remove Yaaram from each line this song won’t make much sense. Let me show you how. 
Job resume description starts…
“Hum cheez hain bade kaam ki, Yaaram
Humein kaam pe rakh lo kabhi, Yaaram”
Skills set includes 
suraj se pehle jagayenge [House maid I think, don’t tell this to Shiney Ahuja]
Aur akhbaar ki sab surkhiyaan hum gungunayenge [ 24×7 house maid who is educated as well. Bonus skills, can sing]
Pesh karenge garm chai phir [House maid for sure]
Koi khabar aayi na pasand toh, end badal denge [ Who are you, Barkha Dutt? ]
Ho munh khuli jamhaaipe, hum bajaayein chutkiyaan [Creepy maid is creepy]
Dhoop na tum ko lage, khol denge chhatariyaan
Peechhe peechhe din bhar, ghar daftar mein le ke chalenge hum
Tumhaari filein, tumhaari diary, Gaadi ki chaabiyan, tumhaari enakein, Tumhaara laptop, tumhaari cap, phone [Now I get it, this was a job resume for personal secretary. I mean she wants to be extra personal one] 😛

*Also stalker alert*

From here the guy takes charge and as if girl was not weird enough he starts making so sense at all.
Ho raat savere, shaam ya dopehari
Band aankhon me le ke tumhe ungha karenge hum
Takiye chaadar mehake rehte hain
Jo tum gaye
Tumhari khushboo soongha karenge hum
Well, you know what. My dog does the same when I am out of town.
This is the only sense this song makes to me. I know this was not funny and the reason I don’t have a love life and probably going to die alone. Thanks for wasting your time.

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  1. Sapan Saxena

    Would have applauded and applauded at you efforts, had it not been written by Gulzar :PConsidering his lyrics are completely understood by him only, I give Gulzar the benefit of doubt here again

  2. Richa Ritwika

    She is definitely applying for a job but the job here is not of house maid; but of a lover… Kisi bhi committed ladke ya patni pidit pati se puch lo unki ladki ya biwi unhe stalk karti hain ya nahi… Khair we are in 2013 but men still want a shrimati, kalawati sewa kare jo pati ki… Waise ladke ke version par koi tippani nahi ki? :-/