Analyzing Raghupati Raghav from Krishh 3

Analyzing Raghupati Raghav from Krishh 3

Note: Readers with Sarcasm deficiency please don’t read this post any further.

While I was traveling I came across this amazing mind blowing song from Krishh 3 that was being teased as a mind blowing dance number by Hritik Roshan. One fortunate day I finally witnessed the masterpiece that Rajesh Roshan gave us after a gap of 3 year that even Gandhi Ji sitting in heaven would be feeling proud of the ultimate transformation his song got in modern era. This is the reason he fought and helped getting this country free.
First four lines from this track is enough to let everyone know that Raghupati Raghav is song of the decade, otherwise what song will have Non Stop Party, Aaj Ki Party in beginning that too in Neeraj Shridhar’s voice. To add on the awesomeness same paragraph repeats four times.
Sadly this ends but only to add more awesomeness in further lines, if need to ignore few lines in order to know the legend Rajesh Roshan is.
What A Groove?
I Wana Move
Check It Out
Na Na Na Na
Nana Nana
Na Na Na Na
Nana Nana
I mean just look at brilliance of the composer, just because his highness Rajesh Roshan couldn’t find lines suitable as a Hritik Dance number he came up with above lines for no reason that to with so much of Na na and Nana.
This song although is full of awesomeness but nothing can match Hola Amigos Sabko Salaam I am still finding the cryptic clues hidden in this line because otherwise it makes no sense at all.

This song contains a lot of awesomeness like this. If you still don’t know that this song exists then please spare sometime and look out for this song on youtube, keep that thanks for me later.

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  1. Mukta

    Jaadoo has decided to handover all this powers to the roshan family and return back to space after he heard the krishh3 songs.