Analyzing Honey Singh

Analyzing Honey Singh

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For me Honey Singh was the retard whose X-Rated Mastramesque songs were played in my Engg college like National Anthem. I have no idea how and when he became Yo Yo Honey Singh. Recently I went through torture of his so called tracks (not songs) in a friend’s car and was forced to listen his chutiyapa for 4 hour non-stop and realized all his songs and raps make no sense. A friend of mine compared him to Desi Eminem, I had no idea Eminem raps like some retarded kid from Nursery reciting poems.

Later I came to know that he sold his song for some 77 lakh for a movie and yet we ask why Bollywood sucks? So I went through some of his so called awesome tracks and finally came up with this article. You might be wondering why I wasted this much time for a retarded blog post, trust me I am still wondering.

1. Brown Rang: When I came to know that such song title exists, I thought it was about his shit (that is brown in color too). It turned out that that song is about a brown girl. Seriously? Till now I have heard hindi and bollywood songs about Gori and Sanwli girls and this retard went ahead with writing a song about brown rang? Seriously different. 

This song had a line “Koi kaam utthe jawe na, roti pani khawe na” I don’t know Punjabi so I kept on wondering how can someone eat Roti and Pani until a Punjabi friend explained me that it’s a saying, well lol. 
2. Dope Shope, Faltu Shaltu, Gaana Shana 😛 : This song tell you different mood the singer gets into who is not Honey Singh.

Just check out

Enna win a Dope Shope Marya Karo: Protective Brother

Saanu eh ve nak chahdaya karo : Protective Father? Maybe

Saade Likhe Khatan nu na phaadeya karo: Friendzoned asshole, lol 😀

Na hi duje mundaya nu na eddan taadeya karo: Ohh, Jealous Boyfriend.

First you need to decided what actually is your problem out of the four then let someone suggest a solution and please stop singing for god’s sake.

In same song there is a line in Honey Singh’s rap

Sunno mere veero, suno ajj meri kahani. Mai Suphiyo da raja nashe ch meri raani. Funny thing was everytime someone used to play this song in random I used to think he is saying “Chutiyo ka Raja” (that he is), it made me so confused about the song that finally I went through the lyrics and realized I was wrong. Sorry my mistake. 
3. High Heels: This song is apparently about making fun of girls who wear High Heels. This song is still better than rest of his crap until Potty Singh starts shitting around.

Each of the two lines in his rap has no connection at all and because of that they make so sense.

Pehli baat tu yeh jot u tik tok tik tok chalti hai : Are you sure it’s a girl and not a horse?

Maana ye saari teri high heels ki galti hai: I guess Yo Yo Honey Singh has a lot of experience about getting beaten up by sandals with high heels.

Lets skip few crappy lines a bit 

[[Mai hu shikari kudiye khali mera vaar nahi jaata

Mujhko na pehchane kyun? Tere ghar akhbar nahi aata]]

What he trying to say is “tu janti nahi mera baap kaun hai” otherwise the two lines make no sense.
4. Breakup party: This song is all about a rich chutiya whose girlfriend kicked his ass and broke up with him and he trying to sing in a hindi song in his heavy English accent. Later Yo Yo Chutiya Singh joins in making that girl realize how much she has lost after breaking up with him. Seriously I don’t think anyone will ever regret breaking up with you. Lol.
People praise him like a singer, MTV India calls him a budding singer of Bollywood. His songs are national anthem for lafangas and retards who play his songs in full volume in their cars. His songs and words show no respect to women, the kind of words he uses for them in between. I find him on the levels of crappy Bhojpuri Singers and the Haryanvi ones, Honey Singh just got a better PR.

And since I went through his crappy songs I’ll take some rest and hear some songs with meaningful lyrics.

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  1. Shrutiizm

    i would have loved it even more if you analyzed more lyrics… coz thats the best part.All the best ! 🙂

  2. Quietfury

    epic, man!! simply epic!HS is a stupid wannabe….I tried listening to one of his songs, didn't like it, and therefore had to devote some time to Linkin Park to cleanse my ears……

  3. Lil Nutz

    Yo Yo potty singh lolollol XD XD XD……even there is a video on youtube comparing to em…..fuckin retards in hostels of kota ….i even have to sometime protect my favourite rappers with potty singh…..they say…tujhe samajh mai aa raha hai kya bol raha hai…then they say …rap karke dikha…. the fuck can i rap eminem's verse…hez spittin so fast..that i dont remeber what he said…..then in the end they call me chutiya…..btw my fav rapper is kanye….i love him since i was in 5th grade…..i am too possesive about him…