Alsisar Palace’s World Class Music Festival

India’s most premium EDM festival happens in our own backyard and that too in a palace in Rajasthan. Magnetic Fields is not a mere music festival, it is a confluence of great music, wine, drinks, food, fashion and shopping for consecutive three days. It has 3 Stages, 40+ bands, secret parties and much more!

It is a three day music and art festival that is organized in the month of December. The venue is simply gorgeous as the setup is made in a palace and spreads across the desert of Alsisar in Rajasthan. The festival hosts several artists from across the world. It is a beautiful mix of contemporary culture and royal hospitality. The festival is for anyone who is interested in history, tradition and music or just want to chill in a tent in middle of a desert. The experience of Magnetic Fields festival offers a magical escape for letting loose and finding themselves. Since it is set up in the sand dunes of Rajasthan, around the famous Alsisar palace, it’s almost like a Bedouin oasis.

This short vlog will show you how amazing Magnetic Fields, Alsisar is. Check it out and I am sure that you’ll want to visit it next year.

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  1. Emma Riggs

    Wow, I’m so intrigued! Secret parties, shopping, music, food, drinks… 3 days! Now I want to check it out just for the mystery of it all.

  2. Fares

    Looks like in a movie set! Intriguing

  3. josypheen

    Oh my goodness this sounds (and looks) fantastic! What a great idea for a festival! I have a feeling it might end up being cancelled this year, but I would LOVE to attend this kind of festival once the virus madness is over…

  4. Chantelle Kincy

    This looks so fun! In Washington, we have a similar festival called Paradiso. I’d like to try this one someday!

  5. Snazzytrips

    Such a lovely venue for a music festival! It must be so much fun to attend.

  6. Addy Camot

    Ahhh looks like real Aladdin set up! I wanna come too <3

  7. Travel with Mei and Kerstin

    Sounds interesting! We hope that they get to open that 3 days festival next December!

  8. two’s company

    Wow, I love music festivals especially ones which are set in unusual locations, this looks amazing!!

  9. Ada

    Looks like a beautiful setting. Hopefully this will be able to occur this year!

  10. dcastonguay14

    Wow! What a cool concept!
    You’ve convinced me. Now I want to go!

    Do you have to get invited to the secret parties?

  11. Damien

    EDM is not my cup of tea but I can imagine this being a very interesting festival. I like the image of a Bedouin Oasis very much! And its also great to discover some new and less well known festivals and events as these often turn out to be better in my opinion.

  12. Jas

    Whoaaa okay but how cool is this! I would totally be up to attend this with my bf as we’re both into EDM. Talk about a crazy venue!!!

  13. loufrance

    I love Rajasthan and this looks like an amazing place to hold a festival!

  14. carolcolborn

    Wow, this is a discovery! Magnetic Fields Music Festival in Alsisar Palace amidst sand dunes! What can be more fascinating!