Akshardham Delhi visit.

Akshardham Delhi visit.

So after my Delhi brawl adventure I was relaxed and totally free so decided to to visit Akshardham because everyone had been there except me. (If you are wondering what Delhi brawl incident is then I So though the heat wave was m not going to tell you :P)

I asked so many friends but most of them refused but I somehow convinced a friend and her cousin brother to come along 😀 Finally it was decided that we will go in evening around 6 p.m. We took an auto for 100 rs ( Saale chor ).By the time we reached there the weather was giving rainy feeling. Auto driver dropped us couple of yards away from the main gate cuz there was traffic jam. We entered the main gate and there was a big sign board stating no eatable ,no water bottle ,no purses,mobiles,lipsticks etc allowed inside the temple premises. There was a huge South Indian crowd and lot of tour buses were parked outside.

My friend told me that bags are not allowed but mobile is allowed. One has to fill a form and submit their mobiles and stuff with the temple authorities . All of a sudden my friend and her cousin went lost from my sight into the huge crowd. Then i realised that again I am lost and no money with me :(( My phone lost charge and switched off after using so much twitter in the way. While I was looking for them she appeared with a form in her hand.

There were so many security checks that I got so much bored. By now I realised that this temple is a total commerical temple. Though the carvings were great but still koi shraddha bhakti wali bhaavna nahi aayi. There was written fountain shows and museum look arounds and boating etc with charges list.

Only thing which was free was SWAMI NARAYAN TEMPLE  and it was closed for maintenance :D, it was 6.30 and the fountain shows were timed to start from 7.45, huge time gap.

While doing parikrama for the temple we came across ABHISHEIK MADAPAM where the charges abhiseik started from 51 rs and ended up with 51,000 rs. We too got a token for 51 and one pandit tied a mauli around our wrists and handed over tiny lotas filled with tap water 😀 This was a total commercialized Abhishek. 😀

By this time our energy level was going down because of walking too much so went in to the restaurant there ate dosa ,kachodi and coke then visited the shops with stuff regarding temple.

Everything there was so expensive. My friend bought a readymade pooja ghar which was small and yet priced around 300 rs and a medium one on display was around 600-700 .There was poster of some guru ji of their pasted inside that mandir and the display sticker showed 4000 rs only 😀

My friend’s cousin wanted to see fountain show but I had a booze party waiting for me (did I tell you that? 😛 That’s a different story for sometime later.) So we left, collected our stuff and returned home.

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