Ajmer and Pushkar: My introduction with Rajasthan

Ajmer and Pushkar: My introduction with Rajasthan

 Ajmer and Pushkar trip was my first time introduction to the glorious history of Rajasthan and it was worth the visit. My train as usual was 13 hour late and it the weather was chilling. I had no idea that the place will be so cold. Due to heavy fog instead of Thursday evening we reached Ajmer on Friday morning. Dad and I tried looking for Hotels on our own but failed to get anything around station. We were left on the mercy of an autowala who like all the autowalas in this country at any tourist location promised us good hotels. Always remember a good hotel for an autowala is those hotels with which their commission is fixed. We were tired like hell and being new to the place we took a hotel which sounded reasonable enough for a family of four to stay for 3 days. 
Travel Tip: Always take Hotel for a day, look for deals around the city in the evening once you settle down and relax, that way there are chances that you can save some money on accommodation.
Day 1: We paid our visit to Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti’s Dargah, being Friday the place was heavily crowded but since we went there early in the morning we didn’t had to face much trouble at that place. You are not supposed to bring camera but you can click pictures with your phone. The place is beautiful, you can sit here and relax for a while listening quwallis or you can taste Zafaran which is a main offering here in the dargah. Covering you head is mandatory so don’t forget a hanky big enough to cover your head, also you have to open shoes outside.
The same day we went to Dhai Din ka Jhopda which is some 500 meters ahead from the Dargah. This place was built in 2 and a half days. The way to this place is filled with Non-Veg restaurants and sweet shops which you’ll like to avoid going to if you are hygiene conscious.
There are lot of good eateries around Madar Gate and Dilli Gate which are nearby to the Dargah. 
In evening we went to Soniji ki Nasiyan which is a Digambar Jain temple. Its main chamber is known as swarn nagri which is completely made of gold. Anasagar lake is just walking distance to this place and is a great location to relax in the evening. You can go boating here and feed fishes for timepass or simply roam around. 
Day 2: Pushkar and back
Pushkar is on the other side of the Aravalis to Ajmer. Hindu god of creation Lord Brahma has the only temple in the world at this place because he was cursed by his first wife. The Two temples of his two wives are at the top of two separate mountain tops and in between is his temple next to Pushkar lake. Lord Brahma is not worshiped in him temple, instead the lake is worshipped which is said to be made from a lotus that fell from Lord Brahma’s hands. Later we went to see the Brahma temple where you should remember no worship is done so avoid buying prassad from outside, after this we had awesome Rajasthani style lunch of Daal Bati Churma which was simply too good. You must shop at local market and avoid the handloom. The Rajasthani style sarees and kambals are a must buy if you have no problem with carrying luggage in return.
Travel Tip 2: Plan Pushkar for whole day. Buses from Ajmer to Pushkar have frequent service. Otherwise rent a car for whole day. Avoid anyone who tells you that he’ll take you Ajmer for cheap and it’s a 4-5 hour trip and stuff like that because all he’ll do is take you there and come back without complete tour.
Taragarh Fort
Coming back from Pushkar we went to see Taragarh Fort which is situated on top most point of the city and you can view whole Ajmer from above. Jeeps run to this place from Diggi Market that drop you and come back (never pay them for both sides no matter whatever they say) This place has a Dargah where you can spend some time.
After this we wasted our time going to another manmade lake Fay Sagar which was far away from the city and had nothing except few peacocks. We came back after wasting our time.
Day 3: Travelling with Parents is a tough job especially when they still consider you as a kid. They didn’t let me go to Jaipur and instead took me to Kishangarh fort which is now turned into museum. That evening my parents went for shopping while I went to Gangaur pizza house which is next to Mango Masala restaurant somewhere around restaurant. Any rikhawala/autowala wil take you to that place. The Tandoori Tanatan pizza was yumm.
Next morning we had our train so it was time to say good bye.
General Info.
Stuffs to Buy
Ajmer and Pushkar are like open buffet for ladies. Cheap Sarees and Salvar Suit cloths are found everywhere. If you a collector you can look for blunt knifes and swords at Pushkar, avoid buying the edged swords because they may cause trouble if caught in your luggage as far as I know. Also do check out Blankets if you don’t have problem with luggage because it is very light in weight.
Must try Rajasthani Thaali and other food items like Makke ki Roti and Sarso ka saag at Pushkar, Malpuas at the same place. In Ajmer you can try Sohan Halva. Go for Dum Biryani and whatever vegetarian food you can get your hands on especially Pyaz Ki Kachori.
Rikshaws and Autos run here but you can walk most of the city locations with help of locals.


Roads are narrow and cows and donkeys run around attacking people out of no where. Avoid interacting with beggars or they’ll get after you. Bargaining is a must. Don’t let your kids leave you in the crowd.

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