About Love

About Love

Friends always ask me why i don’t try going out with someone, in other words go get a girlfriend when practically each and everyone of my friends have a so called “dear”, “sweetie , “baby” and all the “cute” names you can practically think of.
I sometimes also find myself thinking, why indeed?
Before we get deeper into this topic, lets see why most people in my age group today get into BGRs(boy girl relationship).
From what i have seen and ahem, observed, i have found among few reasons that i think is the main factor that makes people into getting themselves that special some one.

1. Timepass, just for fun and sake of having a bf/gf: No special reason, they just want to try the feel of having a bf/gf and to enjoy it. These type of people will sometimes ask for something more like sex. When they get bored, then you’re out of the window. No long term meaning. The most typical kind you can find.
2. Go with the crowed types: The sight of seeing their friends or strangers dating makes them go bonkers. Can be easily influenced by questions such as “Oh man, you’re so outdated because u have no bf/gf” plus they could not control themselves when facing love problems thus making them look like they’re so desperate for a relationship just so they can keep up with the crowd. No long term meaning either.

3. The sex maniac types: The most dangerous type. The number one reason of having a relationship is to experience as many sex with different people. 
4. The Twilight SRK “one life one love” types: The sweetest and heart warming people of all. Do not care bout looks and hold strongly to the quote “til death do us part”. Even when their partner is old as a hag, they’ll still love him/her. People go aww over their love story and they influence others to find someone like they did.
Well after seeing the most typical type, of relationships, i would certainly do not want to become the first three group of people because it would seem so meaningless to ennter a relationship like that.
Then, i am still young- hey, 24 is young ok!- so its not yet the time for me yet because i could not bear the responsibilty of looking after another one when I already have set other priorities in life that need to to taken care of.
On other hand, i also do not want to get into a relationship like a arrow hit in dark, with no idea aboutwhat kind of girl(s) i want.
Be sure of what kind of girl you want, get to know her well and if you think that she’s the one, then only go for it. That’s my thinking, not see one, chase one.
Besides that, life’s pretty much fine. Just that working 13-15 hours a day could really take a toll on you. Make you appreciate certain things more 😛
PS: Do I sound like a loser now? 😛

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    but u dont sund like a gainer too 😀