About Bus Journeys, Konkan Curry and Smuggled Alcohol

Karwar beach sunset

My Goa trek had ended and it was time to leave. After laughing at tourists and fighting couples at Baga and Calangute beach, I left for my next destination. I had also lost one of my favorite t-shirts on the trek, so I was kind of disappointed.

I was on a bus going to my next destination when it stopped all of a sudden, a bunch of police officers entered checking every bag and without any doubt they walked upto me, looked at my bag and started poking it with their stick asking if I am carrying any alcohol bottles. I knew that the bus has crossed Goa border and entered Karnataka and I will soon reach Karwar.

Karwar road

Police are very strict about their routine, you cannot smuggle (read carry) alcohol by road. Although by train you can do it more easily. I soon reached Karwar and found a hotel with all the basic amenities. After a gap of 8 days I slept on a proper bed and finally got to see my face in a mirror (it still looked awful, no wonder the police thought I was carrying alcohol).

Karwar is a beautiful coastal city, the starting point for Karwali coastal belt. Rabindranath Tagore came across this place during his traveling days and stumbled this small town (that had just one saloon in the range of 5 kilometers) and fell in love. He wrote extensively about this place and to honor him, the main beach of Karwar is known as the Tagore Beach.

There is nothing much to do at this beach. You can sit around and watch Sunset and thats about it. If you have a car of your own then you may visit the Fort nearby built by Shivaji. There is also an island nearby for which local boats ask around 1000 bucks to and fro. I think it was a bit too fancy for me and hence I decided to drop my plan and try some Konkani cuisine instead.

Karwar Sunset

Karwar is home of Konkani food, fish curry that they make in the Konkan region is simply the best. I went for a simple fish curry and rice for lunch and it was heavenly. When you are in Karnataka you cannot miss the Egg Fried Rice.

Karwar War museum 2

Karwar is a lovely place to be if you want to experience Karawali at its best. Devbagh beach resort is a few kilometers away from Karwar and that is a totally different experience. Of course for a poor backpacker it will take time to experience it.

Karwar War Museum

Right now I have another bus to catch.

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