A vegetarian’s guide to Arunachali food

A vegetarian’s guide to Arunachali food

Arunachal Pradesh means the “land of the rising sun” as it is located in such a geographic position that the sun hits it before spreading its rays to the other states or regions of India. it is the largest among the North-east Indian states commonly known as the Seven Sister States.



After I started uploading pics of deliciously amazing and spicy food that I had in Ziro a lot of friends asked if there is no vegetarian food available in North East or Arunachal specifically. The interiors of Arunachal that are still untouched by tourism and often intrigues the offbeat travelers.

A common myth is that one has to survive on non-veg when traveling in North East but that is not true, atleast for Arunachal Pradesh. So here is a small guide on what to feed yourself if you are an absolute vegetarian when traveling in this state.

While fish and meat is common diet of Arunachalis but the North Indian style Rice and Pulses are very common because the state has been more connected with North India in many ways compared to other states in NE. Panch Phoron Torkari is one of the special preparations here that is made by adding pumpkins, potatoes, brinjals etc cooked in spicy dry chillis and milk and sugar. One think I like the most about these place is they grow organic vegetable and fruits and consume every organic.

The traditional Monpa Cuisine is known for its generous use of chillies and fermented cheese. Butter tea ( Po Cha) is said to be the most main beverage. Zan is another traditional breakfast item that is actually porridge/broth with veggies followed by vegetable stew called Oying

Boiled Lettuces, cabbages and soups are few of the common veg food items here out of which I personally couldn’t feel myself on the boiled food. If you cannot then you can compensate it with veg Thukpa and momos when traveling in Tawang, Ziro and areas around that place. Khura is kind of a buckwheat pancack made of “Khyab” little chang and a very little quantity of water is required to add to the flour that turns into a thicky paste resulting in soft cake. Khurra tastes best with tea in the morning.

Maggie noodle soup is something that you simply cannot miss here, Arunachalis prepare exquisite and spicy Maggie soup that is one of its kind. Boiled rice cake wrapped in leaves is a popular snack, also Organic vegetables, herbs and fermented bamboo shoots are the integral ingredients of tribal cuisines.

Pic courtesy – Butterfly Waltz

My travel here made me realize that the place is very much vegetarian friendly unlike that they tell about it. So next time when you are traveling here I don’t think you’ll run out of food options in veg section.

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