A ride around Konkan: From Karwar to Goa Part 1

A ride around Konkan: From Karwar to Goa Part 1

Evening was falling in Gokarna and I was in a hurry to find a bus that was go Goa but to my badluck there was no bus around that was going to Goa. I had two options, wait till morning and then take a bus for Goa or reach there by night taking a few stops in between. I chose the second. After an entire day of trekking and walking I was filled with sand between my hairs, I looked as dirty as I could and as icing on the cake my left toe’s thumb was swollen after getting hurt while coming back from Half Moon Beach.

I took a bus that was going to Ankola and reached there in some 45 minutes after crossing Yellapur that is known for its beautiful waterfalls and landscapes. Sadly I had no time to take a stop here. Ankola is famous for Honey beach, a famous hippy spot like Gokarna. I was very tempted to visit there but I had no time.

Still there was no bus that was going straight to Goa so I took another bus to Karwar that had 99% guarantee that a bus for Goa will be available. My thumb had started to give me pain to an unimaginable extent and I needed to rest very badly.

Did I ever tell you that how I always fall in the minority?

So I travelled to Karwar only to know that the last bus to Goa had just left, I had two choices. Either take a train to Goa from Karwar station or stay for the night. I was too stubborn for not to accept that I am not going to reach Goa anytime sooner.

So I took another bus that dropped me at station, Its remarkable that how efficient bus service is in this region. To my luck there was one last train to Goa that was running some half an hour late. I was tired thanks to my stupid heavy bag that I felt like throwing somewhere and I would have done it if didn’t had books. I was sleepy and to my boredom train was now late by some 3 hours. I couldn’t take it anymore, I was in a terrible shape with sleepy eyes and dirty hair that I got in Gokarna I was looking like an addict. By this time my thumb swelled a little bit more and the pain was giving me hell of all kinds.

After some 3 hour of wait I decided to give up, train was getting as late as it could and I started to feel sleepy as hard as I could. I took an auto and returned back to the city looking for a hotel.

But it seemed that backluck was simply after me.

I went to two hotels that claimed very nominal charge for an overnight stay but looking at my face both of them refused to provide me accommodation. Finally I met a guy who took me to a hotel on his bike and only charged me 100 bucks. He provided me with hot water to clean up my swollen thumb and then served me fish curry and rice that was the most amazing thing I ever had in my life.

I was so tired that I had the best sleep in my life, I woke up early morning with some changes in my plan and decide to see a little bit around the city before leaving for Goa.

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