A movie to remember.

A movie to remember.

I used to be a total movie buff but then as a part of my 2013 resolution I decided to give up watching shitty movies in theaters.

There are movies that make you forget about them the moment you step outside the theater. These are the kind of shitty movies that I have watched alone sitting in the hall under extreme pressure of boredom.

But there are movies that you will remember, like and love to watch them again and again no matter what and no I am not talking about DDLJ or Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

One of those movies is Bawarch by Hrishikesh Mukharji.

If you’ve watched the classic “Anand” by the same director,you’d find that the basic theme is the same.ie how one person influences everyone around him,adds his very special catalyst to their lives and changes them forever.
They are almost same and yet so much different.

Bawarchi is all about a regular middle class family and there ups and downs, a lot of movies made in that era had that story but bawarchi is backed by a strong script and amazing direction and performance by every cast member is epic.

A family that lives together fights together, they have their differences and some of them hate each other to the core. Then one fine day a Bawarchi (a Cook/singer/dancer/mathematician..and what not) finds his way into their home and then find way into everyone’s heart.With his experiences he teaches them valuable lessons of life that results in a totally dysfunctional family it changes for good. Family members start to harmonize among themselves and start loving each other.

Movie ends with the cook leaving them moving on after his mission is finished.

Bawarchi had 2 songs ( or may be 3) that are very soulful and lovely connecting parts of the movie where they were placed.
Rajesh Khanna has done total justice to his role as Bawarchi like he did in “Anand” other cast members do a tremendous job as well.

For a movie that is more than 3 hours long there is not a point where you can find the movie lengthy or any forced scene/sequence. This is one of the movies that you can watch again and again only to lift your mood up.You can just totally relate to it.The simplicity and the realim is the beauty of this movie.

I don’t think I need to say much about this masterpiece, I just hope that likes of Rohit Shetty or Sajid Khan don’t go ahead making a check ripoff of this movie as well.

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