A letter to the 20 year old me

A letter to the 20 year old me

Recently I got a chance to travel with a young group of students that reminded me of the days when I used to be like them. It was kind of an overwhelming experience to feel something through someone else’s eyes about how it used to be once and how it is now. I had some great conversations and as usual returned with some great experiences for myself only to wonder later about what if I got a chance to tell a 20 year old me things about how life is going to take a 180 degree turn for him in a matter of a few years. I wonder if the 20 year old me would be disappointed to see the person he grew up into or maybe not. So here is a letter to myself, I wish someone could time travel and read this letter in the past.

Dear me

I know you are young, you have expectations from life and I am sure that you know that not everything turns out as planned. This is the time you should cherish the most, feel proud that you are surrounded by friends who are there for you because in a matter of few years they won’t be there. The worst part of growing up is losing all the friends that once you thought are going to stay with you forever. Some get married some change the city looking for a new job and some shift abroad. You try your best to stay in touch with them but no matter how hard you try…. you fail.

Life may be tough as of now but soon with coming times as your priorities will change and everyone around your will start to have expectations with you. People will start taking your jokes seriously and the ones who once used to laugh off your dim witted remarks will soon start feeling offended about it. The worst part, responsibilities, responsibility simply suck. As you grow up your responsibilities will keep on increasing and you simply cannot run away from them. You should know that RESPONSIBLITIES SUCKS and its better to stay a 20 year old for all the life. But then even if I had a choice I wouldn’t have chosen to become the 20 year old me because when I look back all I know is that somehow I survived through all of it and has shaped me as the person I used to be.

I am sure that looking back you won’t feel disappointed with what life had in store for you.

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