A Birthday Story

A Birthday Story

We all have plans for our birthday, the day we grow one year older and when there are people who remind you that I did this and that when I was of your age and you are still sitting around doing nothing. So one fine day I was sitting doing nothing as usual when I received a call. Next thing I know is that I have tickets for Delhi in my hands because I got a chance to spend my birthday in Delhi instead of slow boring and cold city like Patna, also I was craving bacon from last 3 months but that is a different story.

Reaching Delhi.

I had my tickets booked in Magadh Express. Last time when I travelled in this train it took almost 36 hours to complete a 14 hour journey, broke down an hour before Patna junction and we were asked to change the train and reach Patna by next train coming. Still I managed to get a ticket in same train because I am adventurous like that.

Trains running from Bihar suffer with a usual habit of getting late for no reason. I believe that one day I’ll find God and religion but won’t be able to find a train in this route that doesn’t get late. I was supposed to reach Delhi on 7th morning, even if train gets late I’ll be there by afternoon but as usual fate decided to play a poor joke on me.

My train arrived on station 5 hours late than the scheduled time and then took almost 24 hours to reach Delhi.

Finally Delhi

I reached Delhi after wasting one complete day on train, reached my friend’s place and went to sleep. I had to wake up early and go to work. The clock struck 12 no one called at midnight, a few messages on whatsapp and my birthday arrived, I turned a year older.

I woke up early next morning, I had a lot to do in a day thanks to previous day getting wasted on train. I woke up went to meet a friend and then left for Chandni Chowk to see Mirja Ghalib ki haweli. There is something about this place that makes me want to visit everytime I am in Delhi. What a way to celebrate birthday.

More followed by walking around on street of Chandni Chowk with my friend while he told me stories of Delhi he had collected in all these times living here. We went to Jama Masjid and then finally had early lunch at Kareem’s before leaving for work.

Lunch meetings are so boring.

I was called for a lunch meeting cum job assignment and as expected it was boring like hell. I am sure I yawned at some points when they were not watching me. Explaining them that how my idea will result in profit for their company was the biggest pain ever I have been through. When I left I was not even able to understand what the hell I was doing there.

I between there were few calls, some notifications on Facebook. In total it was the most peaceful and somehow tiring birthday I ever had. I had three lunches that day, first at Kareem’s then at the lunch meeting that was mostly coffee and then I satisfied my 3 months of old Bacon craving and yet I was not satisfied.

Back Home

On my way I met an old friend after 3 years, we had beer and then I returned back to my place. One more reason because of which I was tired was because of my shoes. I hate Woodland shoes for being so heavy and uncomforting. Next morning I left for station to catch returning train and luckily it was leaving the station on time.

Overall this is one of my more memorable birthday experiences because it was so different. I had plans to travel places but they couldn’t happen because of some reason or another. Those trips will happen, maybe sooner than expected. After all age is just a number.

PS: When I thought of writing this post it sounded better in my head. May be I should start taking notes when ideas come to my mind.

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  1. alok3428

    Agree with 2 things here.
    1) The Woodland shoes part
    2) The PS part.

    PS: Point 1 seems to be added just to tell us all you have woodland shoes 😀

  2. Mirchi Laddoo

    Aww!! Hope your next birthday turns out to be the way you want 🙂