7 Points to Consider While Planning a Road Trip from Patna to Ladakh

Road trips are in the bucket list of every travel enthusiast. Nothing can be more thrilling than travelling long distances on road while self driving a car or a bike. 

Ladakh is one of the most popular road trip destinations in India. The journey has been experienced by many from different parts of India. It is one thing to drive a car from Manali to Leh. And then it is a totally different thing to go on a road trip from your city to Leh covering a number of other destinations. 

Road trip between Patna and Leh would be really amazing because route passes through a number of places worth visiting. But one must consider a few points before finalizing a road trip between Patna to Ladakh.

Finalize your vehicle

Finalizing a vehicle for Leh Ladakh road trip is very important because it determines the cost of the entire trip. It is always recommended that you choose the new car or bike over an old one because it consumes less fuel. 

If you are using a vehicle that is more than five years old then make sure that it goes through a proper servicing so that you don’t face any problem while climbing uphill. 

Fix your route

When you are planning a trip to Ladakh from Patna it you will have to come to Delhi. You can take multiple routes to reach Delhi but this is the best one in my opinion.

Patna – Banaras – Allahabad

Allahabad – Kanpur

Kanpur – Etawah 

Etawah – Agra – Delhi 

Once you are in Delhi you can head to Chandigarh and then drive towards Manali.

If you are extra adventurous then you can also go to Shimla from Chandigarh and then drive to Kaza via Narkanda and Kalpa. From Kaza you can drive towards Kunzum Pass, and then enter Lahaul. From Lahaul, Leh is 12 hours away. 

Don’t hire a bike in Manali 

If you are planning to hire a bike in Manali then remember that the bike will not be allowed past Leh. This is the rule of bike Association of Ladakh as you have to hire a new bike with Leh Ladakh number to drive in the region. You won’t face any problem if you are travelling between Patna and Ladakh on your own bike. 

Make sure you have atleast 2 drivers in your group

This one is a non brainer because a single driver cannot drive throughout the journey, doesn’t matter how many rest stops the group takes. Make sure that there are two drivers who are experienced enough to drive on the long distance road. The stretch of road between Varanasi and Agra are not in the best condition. There are chances that you will face heavy rains at certain places while you drive. Once you cross Manali and Rohtang Pass there are many turns and bends that will test your driving to the maximum level. This route is not made for a single person who can drive all by themselves.

Keep your paperwork in check 

When you are driving for such a long distance, you need to make sure that your paperwork are in check and nothing is expiring in the coming 6 months. Apart from this you will also need a permit to cross Rohtang Pass. Make sure that you have made this the moment you arrive in Manali. Once you are in Leh you will need to get inner line permits made for Pangong Lake and Nubra Valley. This paper will be checked multiple times so take a note of that. 

Best hotels recommended for Patna to Ladakh road trip

Here are a couple of hotels that I recommend during Patna to Ladakh road trip.


Group – Hotel Alka / Ashray Homestay

Solo – Wander Station or Roadhouse Hostels


Group and Solo – Oyo Lifafa Stay / Oyo Triveni Inn


Group – Solitaire Inn / Kingston Resort

Solo – Fabexpress Gagan


Group – Lord Krishna Hotel and Restaurant

Solo – Hotel Anurag Palace


Group  – Hotel Siddhartha / Hotel Ajay International

Solo – Madpackers Hostel / Moustache Hostel


Group – KS Palace / Pallavi Palace  

Solo – Madpackers Hostel / Zostel / Jugaad Hostel


Group – Hotel Yak

Solo – Madpackers Hostel / Zostel


Group and Solo – Jispa Journeys / Padma Lodge

(Solo travelers can also choose to stay in Keylong)


Group – Khan Manzil Guest House / Sia La

Solo – Zostel / Raybo Hostel

Keep enough days in hand for rest and acclimatization

Travelling between Patna and Ladakh by road will take at least 15 to 20 days depending on how many places you wish to touch. Make sure that you have enough days for rest and acclimatization. Spend atleast one day in Delhi and Manali.

In Manali you will have to spend one day because of the paperwork and permits. When you reach Ladakh, make sure that you spend at least two days in Leh so that your body get used to the high altitude. 

These tips will help you plan a road trip not only from Patna but from any part of India to Ladakh. Make sure that you have done a complete research on the route and every important thing that will make your journey smooth and memorable. 

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