5 Things to do in Pushkar


Pushkar, the melting pot of cultures, the land of healing music and a hot spot destination for hippies and pilgrims alike, is a place to be experienced over time to time. A visit to this holy land won’t give you the experience that I am talking about. The essence of Pushkar is to be felt again and again like the world going through destruction and then healing itself for a new era. In my last blog I talked about my experiences in Alsisar

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The area of Pushkar is so small that it can be finished and explored completely in an evening walk. But the walk is not important, the experience is important. Pushkar is a lot more than what it seems to be. So come have a look on what you can do to experience Pushkar in its true sense.


Local Cuisine


And by local cuisine I mean, have Malpuas, lots and lots of Malpuas.

Seriously, the sweets of Pushkar are my favorite reason to visit this place but the Malpuas are a totally different story. The aroma of hot Malpuas being prepared on the street of Pushkar is so distinct that it will pull you towards itself from a distance. Prepared with a mixture of many dryfruits, malpuas are something you cannot resist.

Watch Sunset by the Lake

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It is said that Pushkar Lake was created from Lord Brahma’s Lotus flower. There is an unexplained reason that makes every sunset on the banks of this lake is so magical that you end up wishing for more. Experiencing serenity cannot get better than this.

Go Hiking

Pushkar is surrounded by Aravali mountain ranges and apart from the well-known Brahma temple, there are two temples on top of two hills – Ratnaagiri Hill and Savitri Hill. If you are a trekking enthusiast then you’ll love an early morning hike here.

International Vegetarian Street Food


Pushkar is a destination for travelers from all corners of the world, no wonder there will be cafes and restaurants serving all kinds of international cuisine. But what makes it special are the road side stalls serving exquisite local international street food. From veg hummus to falafels you can find everything at these shops. Street food hogging cannot get better than this.


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As I said earlier, Pushkar is a small town that can be covered on foot. This small town is filled with small lanes left only for you to discover wonders. Who knows, you end up making an new friend or find a cool n trendy café to laze around.

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