5 things to do in Agra other than visiting Taj Mahal

What comes to your mind when someone talks about Agra? Obviously it will be Taj Mahal, the immortal symbol of love. This monument is visited by lakhs of tourists every year but do you know that there are other places to visit in Agra city and around that people hardly know about.

Here are few other places that you can visit in Agra if you are done with Taj Mahal.


1. Mehtab Bagh – Taj Mahal is situated at banks of Yamuna River while Mehtab Bagh is situated on the other bank of Yamuna. Mehtab Bagh is the place where Shah Jahan wanted to make his own monument right opposite to Taj Mahal but it never got completed. This place is not visited by many tourists and it offers a real serene environment where one can spend some time. This place is also a heaven for photographers with its lush green scenery.

2. Try some real authentic Petha – Agra is famous for its real authentic petha. There are a lot of Petha shops in Agra and the real challenge is to find the one that is the most original of them all. When you enter Agra you’ll find a lot of Petha shops by name of Panchi all named after the famous Panchi Petha shop in Agra. There are a lot of different types of Petha you can try in Agra some are soft ones while other are a bit crispy. Without some Petha your Agra trip wont make sense.


3. Authentic Mughalai Cuisine –  While Delhi has the monopoly on Mughalai Cuisine the real credit goes to Agra. When here you just cannot miss some of the real old restaurants like Bilal Restaurant in Raja Park or Hyderabad Handi in Adarsh Nagar. If you still want to try something local then you can wander around Agra Cant area and your taste buds might get lucky.

4. Visit Akbar’s Tomb – Akbar’s tomb in Sikandra is another place that is not visited by many tourists. This spot was chosen by Akbar himself as his final resting place and was completed by Jahangir. The size and architecture of Sikandra is marvelous, the entire building is made using red sandstone with white marble inlay work.

5. Keetham Lake and Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary – Keetham Lake lies in outskirts of Agra and is also known as Sur Sarovar. This is a beautiful place to visit in the evenings or in winters and its beauty is added by fishes and birds in that area.

I hope this post helps you next time when you are in Agra and you’ll find other places to visit as well.

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