5 Best Places In Thailand For Remote Work

5 Best Places In Thailand For Remote Work

Thailand is perfect for living a remote work lifestyle. You’ve got pleasant weather, lovely landscapes, friendly locals, and internet speed, oh my god! You may not have thought of it.  

It can be a great opportunity for those who are just beginning their adventure with the remote profession and desire to improve their skills and businesses.

Just to clarify, I am listing the destinations on the basis of places in Thailand I have travelled to and had a great time as a digital nomad. There are many offbeat places in Thailand where you can go and work but you’ll lack the digital nomad community and networking experience.

  • Coworking Spaces: Many people love coworking spaces. They’re not only best for being productive but can be excellent opportunities to meet new people.
  • Community: Being a Thailand digital nomad, you’re usually on your own or exploring as a couple. It can get lonely at some points, but there are loads of opportunities to meet like-minded explorers in Thailand.
  • Affordable Short-term Cost of Living: We’re sure you know how cheap it can be to visit Thailand, but for a few of us, we don’t want to be lasting in hotels for months on end. Luckily many areas in Thailand provide short-term rentals that don’t break the bank.

Here are five places where I absolutely loved my digital nomad and you would too.

Chiang Mai

The capital of North Chiang Mai is seen by many as the capital of Thailand digital nomads or the whole world.

The city is host to many cafes and coworking spaces to work from hundreds of affordable apartments and a digital nomad community unlike anywhere else on the planet today.

It offers an incredible bang for bucks, allowing nomads a unique opportunity to live like a local or like a foreigner. It’s up to you, and when you are finished with work, you can drive into the mountains and check out the majestic scenery that Northern Thailand has to offer.

We highly recommend a weekend trip to the nearby village of Pai, a fresh three-hour drive into the hills. Pai is a great place to relax and be enclosed by nature.

Wherever you desire to go swimming and waterfalls or drink in a psychedelic bar, Pai has everything you require for a superb weekend.

Back in Chiang Mai, you’ll find temples, market galore, and weekly meetups. If you’re seeking an East meets West lifestyle and are on a very low budget, Chiang Mai is the city for you.

Koh Lanta

Next up is Koh Lanta. If you have/had enough of the hectic city vibe; then, you’re going to love Koh Lanta.

Established on the Andaman coast, Koh Lanta provides attractive beaches, snorkelling trips, and scuba diving opportunities. You also have chances to make your night more memorable with beach bars, beach parties, and karaoke nights.

Tourists often overlook it, but being a digital nomad, you’ve got the amazing Kohub and co-working space only a few minutes walk from the beach.

In terms of community, connectivity and activities, Kohub makes the tour one of my favourite destinations in Thailand.

The island is a little harder to get to as there’s no airport on the island itself. Normally, nomads come in through Krabi airport and take a bus or taxi over two water channels to Koh Lanta. Otherwise, there’s the island of Phuket, about a two-hour ferry ride across Phang Nga Bay.

Koh Phangan

The next on our list is Koh Phangan, perhaps better known as the place for backpackers to go party and drink out of buckets. Koh Phangan has much more to tour outside of it as well.

Further North of the island, you’ve got some pretty cool cafes, restaurants, co-working spaces, and yoga studios, and there’s plenty of beaches yet to be tainted by the flood of visitors that you’ll discover on the bigger islands.

If you’re ready to get to work, the beautiful Beach hub on the northwest of the island is probably the world’s only absolute beachfront co-working space, where you can look out directly into the island while working on your computer.

It’s one of the Thailand hostel places which offers the perfect blend of productivity and island living.


Next on our list is Bangkok. Not exactly one of our favorites in Thailand, but as the largest city and hub of Thailand. You’ll find an amazing selection of co-working spaces and city amenities in Bangkok.

Like Chaing Mai, you have plenty of accommodation options, but Bangkok is a little harder to get around. It’s massive, and the traffic can be absolutely terrible at the time.

A majority of digital nomads live around the hostels of Khaosan Road. If you are planning to spend more than a month then there are long term stay packages available at very economical prices. Although, in my experience, Bangkok is good for a few days of remote work. Anyone looking for peace, solace and productivity, would move to a distant location after a few days.

You’ll probably need at least a month to really get to know the city. Bangkok is also a great getaway into other parts of Thailand and the world, with nearby cities Pattaya and Hua Hin only a short drive away.

Two airports are connecting you to the island and basically everywhere else in the world.


Living out in Krabi is fine as you feel like you’re breathing in a decent Thai town and not just in Thailand hostels.

Further, the great thing about using the town as a digital nomad space is that you are near to all of Thailand’s unique islands! It makes weekends an excellent occasion to jump into a tropical island.

If you’re into a hostel life environment and love cooking at home, you’ll surely enjoy it here.

A reason why digital nomads avoid Krabi because it is more famous for its parties. You won’t like loud music in the background while you are on a conference call right? It is a better idea to experience Krabi and then move to Koh Lanta, or Trang from here. The beaches are less crowded and has better remote work environment.

Krabi area is an excellent spot for a digital nomad who desires mountain and beach life, a cheaper base, and a plethora of fun in their yard. Oh, and excellent wifi too!


So, to summarize our top five destinations:

  • Chiang Mai is a place if you want the cheapest cost of living and the most prominent digital nomad community.
  • Koh Lanta recommends living a chilled island lifestyle and still being productive and connecting with other nomads.
  • Koh Phangan is a winner if you want to work from some of the most stunning beaches in Thailand.
  • The other two, Bangkok and Krabi, are a bit busy and more overrun with tourists, but still can be a great place for Digital nomads.

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  1. Glen

    The places that you mentioned are hardly remote, places such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai the two biggest cities in Thailand.As for the other places all major tourist destinations. Your title is click bate.

    1. ansh997x

      Remote work is for digital nomads. They generally prefer working from these places. This blog is not about offbeat destinations of Thailand.