4 Reasons to visit Varanasi in the Winters

Varanasi is like a hidden maze, everytime you are here, you’ll find something new. Although this blog post is late, but it may prove useful when you start planning for your next Varanasi trip.

Summers are harsh in Uttar Pradesh, Ganga’s level decreases and most of the ghat activity is limited to the evening. Then come monsoon and the flooded river and streets play a spoilsport during your Banaras visit. The winter season is the best time to visit Banaras as Ganga’s level is the least harmless, sights are beautiful and there are immigrant birds that come to visit you all the way from Siberia.

Here are a few reasons why Varanasi is the best place to travel during the winters

Travel Banaras

  1. Subah-e-Banaras – Varanasi in the winters gives you the luxury to explore more, walk more without fatigue and tiredness. Winter is the season of the most glorious sunrise. As the sun comes out from the fog and spreads the reddish texture in the sky and on the Ganges. The view is a feast for the eyes. An early morning boat ride adds a jewel to the crown.
  2. Siberian Visitors – Between the period of November to January, Banaras is filled with immigrant Siberian birds. They add a new character to the overall nature and style of Banaras. You’ll find these birds chilling in the river, running after boats for food and fighting with the local pigeons.
    Varanasi BirdsEvening Banaras
  3. Food – When you stroll on the ghats, you are bound to get hungry. Varanasi food is at its best during the winters. The sambar vada with hot sambar or a cup of tea at Dashashmegh ghat is best when relished in the winters. My mouth is salivating already.
    Food BanarasLassi Banaras
  4. Festivals – Banaras becomes a hub of festivals in the winters. Starting from Dev Dipawali, the most important festival of Banaras and ending with Vasant Panchami or may be Holi if you count late winters this time is the best to experience the cultural side of Banaras. Also, don’t miss the age old tradition of Ram Leela where they still use mashal for lighting is something which will bring you as close as the character of Banaras in the most local way possible.Varanasi festival

Banaras Dev Diwali

Varanasi is a place with a soul of its own. It transforms you, and paints you in the colours of its own. Next time when you are planning your visit to Banaras, keep these points in mind and experience the best of Banaras.

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  1. theuntourists

    Gorgeous. The problem is we have such short winters and so many places to go to….