4 cuisines you must try on your travels around the world

4 cuisines you must try on your travels around the world

Have you ever noticed how even the faintest smell or taste can instantly transport you back to the moment you first experienced it? Food awakens the senses and heightens experiences, so it’s no wonder we spend so much time and money seeking out the very best. Each area of the world is rich with different flavours and textures, combined to create mouth-watering dishes. From aromatic spices to sweet-toothed deserts, here are four cuisines that you must try on your travels around the world.


  1. Greece

Greek food is known for being fresh and flavoursome. Greece’s location means that its traditional cuisine is inspired by both Eastern and Western foods. There will always be plenty of dishes containing fresh fish and vegetables, with lamb being very popular here too. Other Greek delights include:

  • Gyros – hot rotisserie chicken or pork wrapped up in pitta bread with tomatoes, tzatziki and often fries, perfect after a night out!
  • Spanakopita – Essentially a spinach pie made from chopped spinach, feta cheese and spring onions in filo pastry
  • Dolmades – Vine leaves stuffed with rice and seasoned minced meat, very tasty!


  1. Italy





When you think of Italy, pasta and pizza immediately spring to mind. Food is a massive part of the culture here. Many Italian-inspired foods are available to us at home, but your frozen supermarket pizza is nothing when compared with a fresh, out-of-the-oven Margherita in the streets of Italy. The Italians like to keep their pizzas simple and don’t use excessive amounts of cheese. There’s no need to overload with toppings when the few selected are of the highest quality and create a mouth-watering blend of flavours.

Other things to try in Italy include:

  • Pasta, of course! Go for a traditional Spaghetti Bolognese or try one of the many other dishes available.
  • Arancini – Risotto balls covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried. These are fabulous with a tomato-based dip.
  • Gelato – Italian ice cream for those with a sweet tooth.
  • Coffee – The Italians like their coffee strong but there are many different ways to enjoy it.


  1. Japan

Japanese cuisine has a whole culture surrounding it. The etiquette is different based on what or where you are eating, and the chefs even go to the effort of matching the décor of the dish your meal is served in to complement the food itself. Foods you should be sure to try include:


  • Tempura – Seafood or vegetables that have been deep fried
  • Any noodle dishes! There are several different types of noodles including Soba, udon and ramen. Noodles are a staple ingredient in Japan and are often combined with meats and vegetables and cooked in soy sauce.
  • Sushi – Contrary to popular belief, sushi is not just raw fish. It’s actually vinegared rice with other ingredients







This North African country is home to subtle spices and aromatic flavours. Here, the tagine, a clay cooking pot, is a favoured method of food preparation. Savoury stews are slow cooked with spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, cumin and saffron, creating a mouth-watering delicacy. Another staple dish is couscous. Unlike the bland packet couscous you will find in the supermarket, in Morocco it’s steamed over stewing meat and vegetables absorbing plenty of flavour before being served with buttermilk or sweet raisin preserve.


Whilst you should endeavour to experience as many of these delightful foods as possible, you don’t want food poisoning to ruin your holiday. Check out this guide on how to avoid Delhi belly when travelling and enjoy you


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  1. augustphoenix

    I was so spoiled by Venetian pizza that I can barely eat the American versions. Genoa ruined me for American coffee : ) I wasn’t impressed with the food in Morocco, the tagines are flavorful but salad / raw vegetables were hard to find, which struck me as was odd, given that Morocco is the agricultural capitol of the Maghreb. I think my favorite so far is Turkey. Istanbuli breakfasts are a thing of legend…

    1. ansh997x

      I totally agree, Venetian Pizza is amazing. Sadly not many in India know how to prepare it properly.

  2. Cristina Petrini

    Italian happy to say that it is my daily cooking, Japanese is a delight of which I do not deny the pleasures … Greek and Moroccan I have to discover it!

    1. ansh997x

      totally agree, Japanese is not really everybody’s cup of tea thought but glad that you love it.

    1. ansh997x

      Totally agree. Thanks for reading my post.

  3. Amber

    Yes! I LOVE to eat, so trying new foods is always a plus for me. I would pig out in Italy, I know that. I LOVE pizza and pasta.

    1. ansh997x

      That’s really cool. Thanks for reading my post.

  4. josypheen

    Yeees! I agree with Tara, the most fun part of travel is trying all the amazing food. I don’t think I have ever visited a place where I didn’t find something cool and interesting to try.

    When I moved to Japan, I managed to try something completely new every day for at least the first two months. It always blows my mind just how many cool (and tasty) dishes you can try there. There is so much more than tempura, noodles and sushi!

    I do *love* all your choices though. Italian, Greek and Moroccan food are all sooo tasty!

    1. ansh997x

      That’s so cool, I am sure that your Japanese food experience will be really diverse. Do share about it.

    1. ansh997x

      That’s really cool. Thanks for reading my post.

  5. thecoffeemom0617

    AS much as I would love to try all of these, Italy is my number one destination! My husband’s family is from Italy so it would be a really fun trip to take him on, and of course the food is amazing.

    1. ansh997x

      That’s really cool. Thanks for reading my post. I bet your food experience in Italy is very diverse

  6. Jeremy

    You can never go wrong with Italian and Japanese ! Yet to try Moroccon food ! Love to give it a try some day ! =)

    1. ansh997x

      Totally agree, but it takes time to get used to Japanese food.

  7. loufrance

    I love to try different food when I travel. Not made it to Morocco yet so look forward to trying those dishes

    1. ansh997x

      That’s really cool. Thanks for reading my post.

  8. Agnes Dela Cruz

    I could have all those food you presented, I must say when traveling abroad the food speaks about a certain culture.

    1. ansh997x

      That sounds really cool, my food experiecne is not as diverse as yours but I wish it will be soon.

  9. delhifundos2014

    I need to try Morocco cuisine. I love to try different cuisine around the world but still never tried this morocco cuisine

    1. ansh997x

      Thats nice, is there no place in Delhi that serves Moroccan food?

  10. This list of delights brings excitement to my eyes. I have been to Greece with their 365 salads, one salad for every day of the year. I have also tried Dolmades and they were okay. I have been to Italy twice and their 7-course meals are amazing. I can barely get through the first and second course (antipasti and pizza). Although I have not been to Japan yet I have already tried Sushi and Soba noodles as my children are crazy about those. I am planning to go to Morocco soon.

    1. ansh997x

      That sounds really cool, my food experiecne is not as diverse as yours but I wish it will be soon.

  11. Sarah Meh

    These cuisines seems so delicious to try. I have never tried the Greek food.Thanks for providing information about them.

    1. ansh997x

      Plan something and do share your xpereicne.

  12. Patti Morrow

    This is making me so hungry for my favorite foods of Greece and Italy — you really nailed those! I loved the tempura and noodles when I was in Japan, but I’m afraid I’m not a fan of sushi (anywhere). I’ve not been to Morocco (yet), but I’m looking forward to trying their cuisine!

    1. ansh997x

      I am happy that your thoughts match with mine. Sushi is really tough to get used to and is okay for once just because of cultural experience.

  13. leah

    pasta is my go to no fuss dish for sure when I am out and about! I would love to try real Italian pasta!

  14. Nitin Singhal

    Thanks for the recommendations on dishes. I am a vegetarian and I will definitely try you veg dishes suggestion. Can you suggest more vegetarian dishes?

    1. ansh997x

      Thanks a lot. You will get vegetarian versions of these food items easily.

  15. Farrah Less

    One thing I like about traveling is not only knowing and learning about the place. But also trying their local cuisine and this is a perfect example. I love the platter on top.

    1. ansh997x

      I totally agree, food is an important part of travel.

  16. fashionmommywm

    I love all these cuisines already, but am travelling to Greece next week so I’m really going to indulge.

    1. ansh997x

      awesome, would love to hear your experience.

  17. vicky hallnewman

    I have only tried Italian out of the list, my daughter loves it and we cook it more than any other kind of meal. Maybe I need to travel more

    1. ansh997x

      Italian food is really awesome and wholesome.

  18. Itzel

    This was such a good reminder that even if you can’t travel, you can try most cuisines right where you are. Trying new foods close to home makes home feel a little more exotic.

    1. ansh997x

      I ttotally agree with you. Planning to taste some local cuisines is very important part of travel.

  19. Enriqueta Lemoine

    I love trying new foods, especially if they arent traditionally from where Im at! These all sound great!

    1. ansh997x

      That’s great and thanks for dropping by

  20. Hannah Marie

    These are wonderful destinations and food choice. I pick Italy as above them all. Pizza, pasta and everything about it.

  21. Georgia Boanoro

    Great suggestions, my fave cuisine is the Italian one followed by the greek one. Also, Romanian cuisine is very delicious.

  22. Lea

    Thanks for all those tips !!

  23. Zest4Food

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