Velas Beach Turtle Conservation Project – A Positive Step to Improve Responsible Tourism in India

Velas beach, Ratnagiri, is an eco-friendly as well as eco-conscious village famed for its efforts in conservation of endangered Olive Ridley turtles. The Velas Turtle Festival is an annual ecotourism festival that aims at turtle conservation in India as well as improving the concept of responsible travel in India.

Velas Turtle Festival is a rising and growing ecotourism festival which aims at conservation of endangered Olive Ridley turtles at Velas beach in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. This mission is spearheaded by Sahyadri Nisargmitra, an NGO that is doing a lot of positive work to improve responsible and sustainable travel in India espcially around The Western Ghats. They have educated the villagers on ways to conserve these Olive Ridleys and now they ensure that the eggs are protected from potential threats.

Responsible tourism is a key factor that will help saving biodiversity in India. These turtles play an important role in preserving the marine life. They are also a crucial part of underwater food chain. That’s why protection of olive ridley turtles in India is so important.

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7 thoughts on “Velas Beach Turtle Conservation Project – A Positive Step to Improve Responsible Tourism in India

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  1. I think ecotourism is getting more and more important so this is a great topic to raise awareness of. Marine life in particular is so fragile. It’s amazing to see the effort that had gone into protecting them at velas beach!

  2. Great article! I really hope that more people will start travelling in a more sustainable way in the near future. It is great to hear how the Marine Life was preserved at Velas Beach. Always great to find people who are trying to raise awareness!

  3. Turtle conservation is so important, I am glad you mentioned this project at Velas Beach. When I was in Indonesia there were just a few NGOs aware about the importnace of sea turtes. I hope this is going to improve. It’s also our responsibility as travelers to choose sutainable destiantions and support eco friendly organisations.

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