Chhau Jhumar Utsav of Purulia, West Bengal

The Chhota Nagpur Plateau is rich in culture and tradition. It is the home of many tribal communities who reside here since thousands of years. There are more than 20 tribes residing here and each of them has their own festivals and traditions. In Jharkhand and West Bengal the tribal festivals are very popular.

Chhau dance is one of the the most unique artforms of this region. It is performed by the tribal communities of Purulia. West Bengal, Jharkhand and Orissa have their own versions of Chhau. The one celebrated in Jharkhand and West Bengal uses elaborate mask and colourful costumes while the dance in Mayurbhanj district of Odisha focuses more on costume and doesn’t use mask.
The best way to see Chhau festival in India is during how jhumar Utsav in Purulia. They are performer who visit Surajkund Mela For Chhau performance. In either cases you will have to to confirm about the date to experience the dance.
Hope this blog inspired you to attend the next Chhau Jhumar Utsav in Purulia. For more information, connect with me on Facebook and Instagram. Also subscribe to this blog to stay updated with my new posts.

8 thoughts on “Chhau Jhumar Utsav of Purulia, West Bengal

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  1. India truly is a magnificent country. I’ve been exploring blogs that feature mountains and cities with beautiful architecture in India and now watching the Chhau festival, its mind-blowing!

  2. The Chhau festival would be truly beautiful to see and watching the dance would make it more memorable. Thank you for teaching me about the differences in how it is celebrated in different areas.

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