Tips On Being A Tourist In Your Own City

The world after lockdown ends will be a lot different. As I have mentioned in my previous blogs that tourism industry is going to suffer a lot, there are certain solutions that all of will have to follow.

Once the lockdown is lifted slowly, the idea of travelling will still be far-fetched. Flying, coming in contact of strangers will not be safe for the next few months. One a plus side, the local tourist spots of every city will be comparatively emptier because of low tourist footfall.

This is the best time to be a tourist in your own city. There are random spots that you don’t know exist right in the corner. Considering that, here are some tips that will help you explore your own city like a tourist in a better and creative way.

Join a local heritage walk group

Fort Kochi

Every city nowadays has a couple of heritage walk groups. They walk around local spots while explaining its history and different facts that one should know about it. During a heritage walk, you’ll get to explore the old colonies of your city, visit the beautiful monuments and eat amazing food from the local foodie hotspots. Since most of their tours are offbeat, you’ll find fewer crowds and enjoy every location peacefully.

Go on a local hike

Ladakh 1 (10)

There are a couple of hiking points in every city. These trails are preserved and show natural beauty of your locality that you may not know about. These places are also great for bird photography, analyse insects and enjoy a panoramic view of your city.

Take your camera for an early morning walk

Walking around with camera is a great thing to do because you never know what you end up witnessing at what point. The sudden weather changes, lightening, sunset and sunrise are just a few experiences you can document from different angles and the content will never go stale.

Take the sunrise challenge


Once the lockdown is over and you are able to move freely, taking photos of sunrise from different angles will be a fun thing to do. It will also open a creative side of you and waking up early will be good for your health. Many towns have popular sunrise and sunset spots that are popular among tourists but locals rarely go, so this is the right time to visit one of these places.

Visit a city lake

Just like hiking spots, city lakes are popular spots where you can enjoy boating, eat local food and enjoy sunrise/sunset. If your city has one of these popular lakes then this is the right time to visit it and find a beautiful side of your city that you didn’t know before.

Walk instead of driving

Kangla Fort Imphal (1)

Walking gives you a different perspective of the neighbourhood. I used to walk around my locality and ended up finding a small graveyard. When you walk around your locality and to longer distances, you find a lot of interesting and surprising facts. You will see a local temple that you didn’t know existed along with funny signs and interesting bill boards. There is so much to notice once you start walking around.

Eat at the tourist friendly destinations

Loktak Lake Manipur (48)

There are certain street food joints that are really popular between tourists but locals don’t visit them because of crowds. Post lockdown, these places will be empty. Visiting these places will give you an idea about what you have been missing. At the same time, you’ll also contribute in supporting their families who suffered the most during lockdown.

The post lockdown world will give you freedom to explore your own city. Visiting these spots will encourage the management and maintenance staff to keep the place in the condition that it has always been. It will also keep your wanderlust going. Happy travels.

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