Volunteer and Travel in Himachal Pradesh

Volunteering with a local NGO is a very unique experience for travellers. Nothing can be more rewarding than making a difference in the lives of the locals. Today, there are a number of NGOs operating in various districts of Himachal Pradesh that work in fields of cleanup to education.

One of the NGOs in Himachal Pradesh is Waste Warriors. They are based in Dharamshala and Dehradun and are run by a group of enthusiastic millenials. They invite travellers to come volunteer with them in order to make a difference in the local ecology.


Tourism boom has created a number of problems for this fragile hilly settlement. One of the issues is the collection of single use plastic so that they are eliminated from the ecosystem once and forever.

As a traveller, you can also volunteer with them and help them find extra manpower for their causes. You can join them on their cleanup drives, attend and share ideas during interactive sessions and if you are an artists then you can also create art installtions around the town.

Volunteering is an important aspects of responsible travel in India. Through your contribution you can make a big difference.

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