Ladakh Local Food – How and Where to Find them

Ladakh is a beautiful region. As it was recently declared a Union Territory, the interest among the travellers and tourists has increased. The mighty Himalayan peaks present a great opportunity to go on long drives and treks, explore monasteries along with enjoy local life of these kind Ladakhis.

Ladakh’s food is one of its USPs that is often ignored because everyone is on a fixed itinerary. But with a little research and going off the beaten path can make the local food experience in Ladakh very amazing.

Here is how you can start –


LAdakh Food (1)

Khambir is the traditional bread with fillings that is eaten with chutney and vegetables. Khambir is filled with different veggies and you can also find the ones with eggs. Every homestay in Ladakh offers Khambir as breakfast. Apart from that, De Khambir restaurant in Leh city is a great place to enjoy this delicacy.


LAdakh Food (8)

Skieu is another local dish that is usually served in the Wanla region of Ladakh. While travelling from or towards Kargil, it is easy to find homestays which serve Skieu with vegetables and yak meat. Skieu is a combination of flour and water are kneaded together. This mixture is added to a stew comprising vegetables such as turnips and carrots. It is a popular dish eaten during lunch and dinner. You can also try another version of it called O-Skyu which is made in milk sauce with potatoes and peas

Buckwheat Kisir

LAdakh Food (2)

Buckwheat Kisir is a speciality of Balti Region and one can enjoy this food in Turtuk. Buckwheat Kisir is served with a curd based dish that is kind of sour in taste. While the Balti people call their version or roti, the dish is more like a pancake.


LAdakh Food (3)

You must have eaten Thukpa on various occasions at different places but the ones served in Ladakh is nothing like them. Each region of Ladakh has its own version of Thukpa and is loaded with veggies, cheese, paneer and meat (if asked for). The Thukpa served in is huge in quantity and impossible to finish alone.

Yarkhandi Pulao

One of the novelties in Ladakh, in fact a little hard to find in the region itself, Yarkhandi Pulao is considered as a ‘haute cuisine’. Arrive in Ladakh region through the Yarkhandi traders through Silk Route, Yarkhandi Pulao is a version of mutton pulao served with momos. Unlike other pulaos from North India and Kashmir, this one is rich with leafy vegetables content.

LAdakh Food (5)

Apart from these, Ladakh has many speciality dishes that vary in quality from region to region. Make sure that you have a taste of these meals during your trip.


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  1. Oh my goodness, just going through this post made me hungry, this food looks delicious.

  2. I am a foodie and I am always looking for new ethnic food to try. I could taste these dishes from my computer.

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