Best street photography locations in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is an amazing place to be. Nepal’s capital may sound dull and boring from the outside but for someone with heart of an explorer would find a lot of things to do in Kathmandu. Those who like Street Photography will find a lot of spots to wander and find moments worth clicking.

If you don’t have treks planned and want to stay away from the noisy and crowded Pokhara then Kathmandu will give you a lot of opportunities to explore. If you love clicking shots of life going around you then here are a few places that you hit for street photohgraphy in Kathmandu –

Bhaktapur Durbar Square


Bhaktapur is one of the three squares around which Kathmandu exists today. Bhaktapur has a larger than life atmosphere with so much to explore in its lanes and different partitions. Here, you will find pottery lane, temples, iconic buildings and traditional homes. Bhaktapur also has many eateries where you can enjoy local ice creams, snacks and local cuisines.


Best time to visit Bhaktapur is in the morning or after lunch when the sun becomes less harsh.



Thamel is the hub of all the backpacking activities. From cheap food joints to trekking gear shops, you’ll find everything in its lanes. Thamel is perfect place to click Nepal from a different perspective. The lanes are covered in graffiti while you can also find portraits from shops, hotels and road. Many pretty shops and cafes have a photogenic quality that makes them a must shoot.

Best time to explore Thamel is in the evening and later in the morning. Considering that you’ll be staying nearby, you can pay a visit multiple times during your stay.

Patan Darbar Square


Patan Darbar Square is located in Lalitpur and is one of the oldest parts of Nepal. Patan is known for its ancient buildings and temples that are spread in small portions. The lanes and alleys of Patan Darbar square are filled with beautiful murals and paintings. If you walk a little beyond the main temple area, you’ll also come across shops selling paintings and souvenirs.


Best time to visit Patan is after 5 PM when people working nearby start coming here and catch up with each other over a cup of tea.

Kathmandu Durbar Square


Kathmandu Durbar Square is a UNESCO World Heritage site close to Thamel. A short walk will take you across the palaces and royal temples. This part of Kathmandu is hustling bustling with activity and requires almost half a day to capture everything.


Swyambhunath is commonly known as Monkey Temple among the tourists. The location is a fine mix of Hinduism and Buddhism with a lot of activities going around. The main Buddha stupa is very beautiful and the around is filled with colourful flags and wheels.


Pashpupatinath Temple Complex

Pashupatinath Temple complex is an ideal place for those who wish to click portraits of the life around Kathmandu. Saffron clad sadhus, devotees and shopkeepers create a very nice setting that a photographer would love. The temples are located on the bank of River Bagmati River which is again very picturesque.

Apart from these, Kathmandu has many more Street photography locations. You can visit Boudhanath, Freak Street, and Buddha Neelkanth Temple are also worth visiting but I couldn’t go there due to lack of time.

As a photographer or someone who just likes to stroll around observing life, you will love to explore Kathmandu. These places have an exquisite cultural setting worth your time.

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