These Photos of Durga Puja from Bihar and Jharkhand will Make you Miss Home

For the people of Bihar and Jharkhand living away from home, visiting home on the festivals like Holi, Diwali, and Durga Puja is considered as an utmost priority. An average, middle class Bihari works his ass off in the MNCs of Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi hoping that they could make home in time of atleast one of the festivals.

While I spent Durga Puja of 2017 alone in Delhi, I asked my cousins staying in different corners of Bihar and Jharkhand to share some pictures from their cities. Here are some 🙂

Durga Puja in Patna

Patna Durga Puja 2
Mahishasur Mardini
Patna Durga Puja 4
Durga and her devotees

Patna Durga Puja 5

Patna Durga Puja 6
Pandal made in the shape of Eiffel Tower

Patna Durga Puja 8


Patna Durga Puja 10

Patna Durga Puja 14

Photos from Ranchi

Ranchi coconut pandal
A pandal made of coconut shells


Ranchi durga puja 1
Durga Sand Art with Message Raising Awareness Against Blue Whale

Durga Puja Photos from Dhanbad

dhanbad durga puja 1

dhanbad durga puja 4dhanbad durga puja 6dhanbad durga puja 7dhanbad durga puja 10dhanbad durga puja 11

Photos from Darbhanga


Home was missed this Pujo but I am hoping to be there on time so that I can enjoy Chatth Puja on the ghats of Ganga. If you liked the post then do share it with your friends and family.

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