In Pictures : Alsisar Mahal – A Taste of Rajasthan

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Let me ask a question. If you are offered to spend a few days in palace in middle of a desert in a village that probably doesn’t even exist on the map of India, what will your answer be?

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I know, most of you will leave everything to spend a vacation at a place like this. I am talking about Alsisar Palace. Located a few kilometers from the district headquarters of Jhunjhunu, Alsisar is relatively unknown compared to the rest of the Shekhawati region and that is what makes it special. While Mandawa and Nawalgarh are crowded with tourists and have nothing fresh to offer, Alsisar is heritage coming alive. A walk through this small village will bring you across the most exquisite and rich examples of architecture and art.

Speaking of the palace, the royalty and the luxury that this place offers has no match. This battle hardened palace was renovated recently and became a center of attraction among EDM lovers thanks to Magnetic Fields music festival. Take a look on this exquisite piece of art and architecture where spending a few days is perfect way to witness the essence of Rajasthan in its true sense.

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  1. I love exploring palaces & forts especially if those are unknown and I get to stay! I start imagining the lives of people in that era and its a great feeling. Love the pictures, would visit this once for sure.

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