6 reasons that make Ranchi better than Patna

I have stayed in Ranchi and spent a long time of my life in Patna (current city). My personal experience along with anyone who has traveled between Ranchi and Patna knows the high end difference between the two cities and for certain reasons that makes Ranchi a better city than Patna.

Food – The only food Patna boasts on is Little Chokha and the residents here don’t even respect that fact. There is no restaurant in Patna where you’ll find litti chokha on the menu forget other lesser known food items. Ranchi on the other hand has a long and vast range of street food items that varies from Dhuska to stalls selling kababs and kaleji. Both Patna and Ranchi has food outlets like Dominos and Pizza hut but while Ranchi still prefers and is trying to preserve its street food culture Patna has ruined its own street food culture in order adapt to a hipster culture that thrives on KFC and Pizza huts

While Litti Chokha is slowly being despised by Patnaites, people of Ranchi are still living on street food items like Dhuska

Weather – The weather of Ranchi is something that Patna will never have. The pleasant climate this city has all time of the year is the best thing about this city unlike Patna that reaches as high as 45 degrees during summers and then drops below 10 degrees in the winters. The rain in Ranchi makes the entire city look beautiful and mesmerizing and unlike Patna it is fun walking on the street that is never filled with rain water upto the knees. (I am talking about the main roads of Ranchi compared to the station road in Patna)

Afterall, where are you going to see this amazing weather from the windows of your house

Lifestyle – The lifestyle of Ranchi is way better than that of Patna and has been like that since the early 2000s. Ranchi had Cauvery restaurant in the days when Patna was still living on the cheap rip-off Chinese at Maurya Lok. The so called restaurants and eatouts of Patna loot its costumers in the name of low quality high priced food, Ranchi still thrives on a number of eatouts and joints with a huge variety in its menu. Forget lifestyle, Ranchi has a number of malls and hangout spots that ranges from pristine Rock garden to Pahadi mandir unlike anything that Patna has to offer.

Public Transport and Safety – The public transport in Patna is worst, we have huge road that on both side is captured by local shops making only 50% of the space for the vehicles to move. Ranchi on the other hand has huge roads providing huge areas to vehicles and pedestrians to move on the both sides without getting run over by another car appearing out of no-where. The traffic rules here are strict and disciplined, something that Patna will never learn.

Coming to safety, even in early 2000s girls used to roam on the streets of Ranchi without fear of getting eve teased or someone passing a random obscene comment from nowhere. Girls is Patna still don’t know what it means. Unlike Ranchi you cannot return home after a late night show in Patna espcially if you are accompanied with a friend or sister.

Hangouts and getaways – As told above Ranchi has certain beautiful locations inside the city unlike Patna. Patna has nothing like Rock Garden, Ratu Palace or Pahadi Mandir in the premises of the city. Whatever Patna had has been lost in a race of fake development and adapting to a new and different lifestyle. What kind of people find it low standard to hang around Ganga Ghats, obviously they exist in Patna.

A few kilometers from Ranchi has a cluster of waterfalls like Hundru and Junah. Patna has got nothing other than dirt and bad roads filled with mud where you cannot even travel.

While Patna has started to live on Malls and pizza shops, crowd of Ranchi still prefers to hangout in places like these.

People – The people of Ranchi are the coolest, they are awesome and free minded. Their style of talking and their lingo is nothing like the people of Patna. People of Ranchi are not judgmental, they wont pass comment on whatever you wear or however you dress up. They are one of the most carefree people who live on good food and music. The ones who believe that secret to a happy life is a bike ride to Hundru falls.

Ranchi is the place to be and after division it has become even free from the clutches of Bihari mentality and is the sole reason who Patna is always going stay behind Ranchi, what Patna is today is probably Ranchi was in the 80s. Ranchi today has helpful and honest people, good food, safe roads and all the money while People of Patna are still running away to other cities for job and work. People of Patna should stop thinking about competing with Mumbai and Delhi in terms of development and reach on the level of Ranchi first.



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