The MSG effect.

Only once in a lifetime you get a movie with this much hype and wait that everyone doesn’t matter love it or hate it you can’t ignore the buzz about it. I wanted to watch MSG since the time I saw its promo for the first time and somehow I underestimated the hype about it.

Way back in March when I planned to watch this movie in theaters I found that every show for the day and for coming week was already houseful. I mean not even Salman Khan movies make you wait this much.

So the month passed making me disappointed that I am not able to watch this movie that by yesterday had crossed some a mark of 500 Cr on box office. I walked into a mall, had nothing to do and so I bought a ticket for this movie.

Fun Fact: Out of some 6 movies running in that Multiplex only MSG showed filling fast sign. Holy Cow!

MSG takes you to a totally different world. You are transferred into a world where no logic exists just like love and KRK’s tweets. The movie is about a guy who is trying his best to change the world by his message of love and a facial expression that doesn’t change throughout the movie. I always wanted to meet someone who has even lesser facial expressions that Kristen Stevart, Ajay Devgan or for that matter Arnold Schwarzenegger and finally we have one.

The audi was houseful, a few couples that walked in hoping that they’ll find a place to make out but walked out in disappointment during interval. Every dialogue, every fight sequence garnered some much applause and cheers and after a long long time I saw people dancing on songs in a movie theater. Babbbyyy you are my lovee chargerrrrrrr, yeah!!!!

You shoot at our protagonist and just by raising a hand bullets become tiara. He sings and dances in ways that can give a typical nagin dancer at Indian weddings at shame and give him a run for his money. When villains attack him with swords, they become rose petals just by a wave. If nothing then this generation will get a gunda of its own.

Honestly I enjoyed this movie more than someone of the shitty overrated craps that Bollywood has released this month. This movie was way better and entraining than Roy, made more sense than Badlapur and had more soul in it compared to any Salman or SRK movie. The makers of the film don’t care about your views for this movie, they just want to spread love and give audience some quality cinema. (Please try to understand my sarcasm here)

It’s been 24 hours since I watch this movie and the songs are stuck in my head like leaches stick to legs while trekking in a jungle. I am trying my best but I think I am not going to get over this MSG effect for a long time now. I think MSG’s Ruhani Jaam is the only thing in this world that will help me get over it.

Pray for me.

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