#Together with a cup of chai

What do you wish for when you are home after a long day of work? What keeps you going on when you wake up in the morning and you want to see that face that will make your day? Who do you want to spend your evening after being stuck in traffic for atleast 4 hours every day or getting crushed by co-passengers in metro/local/city bus. We return home and all we need is a cup of tea and company of the person who is closest to us. Cup of tea presented by the hands that can make all tiredness go away.
I have recently shifted from my hometown to Delhi and the craving I have been missing is a cup of tea by my mom that she used to give me every evening. Now when I come back from work, I have to go to a local chaiwala, pay him and get my cup of tea. That chai has everything from sugar to tea masala and sometimes when he is happy he puts a ginger too but that love with which mom used to present the cup every evening is missing these days. I am craving for that togetherness since the day I have come to Delhi and thanks to https://housing.com/ to providing me a chance to vent that feeling out.
Since Delhi I have realized that a cup of tea is not just a mere cup with sugar, milk and water mixed into it. A cup of tea with enough emotions and love can be life changing. Early morning tea should be presented by a happy face otherwise the entire day is ruined with that particular sip. No wonder chai has not been that magical since I have left home, there is always something missing. I miss my mom’s smile when she used to give me that cup every morning, her efforts to wake me up otherwise the tea will go cold and her taking the pain again to reheat that cup again whenever I missed having my tea and it used to go cold.
Each of those chai have some memories attached to it. There is always some story, one for every morning and one for every evening. Now when I try to find those stories I always struggle to find one. Now chai doesn’t make any memories, they are the mere cups that people throw in dustbins once it is empty. We don’t have any #Togetherness or attachment with the cup or the person that is making that cup.
I am waiting for that day to return home when there will be a story again with every cup. Those cup won’t be thrown in garbage bins but will be preserved carefully with hundreds of stories and moments filled inside.

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