It’s never too late to #StartANewLife

The journey called life often takes us at points where we can #StartANewLife. It totally depended on us to go for it or not. How life shapes for us is totally our decision and those decisions make us the person we will become in this journey.

I have had my own share of mistakes, bad karma, hurting others often by mistake and often knowingly. I think we all have been there done that. After a series of events caused by my own stupidity I ended up losing some good friends I decided to change things around me. I had to change things around me and for that I had to change.

It was not easy I realized this as I entered into a new life. I started working and realized that life is not that easy as it seems to be. The world is ready to eat you up raw, all you need is to give them a chance. One mistake and you are gone. Instead of trying to please others I started working to achieve my dream. It was a hard one, pleasing others is easy. All you need to do is what they want you to do and life is simple. I could have become a software engineer and would have easily earned 50k per month but that was not I wanted to be.

I decided to travel, the world became my home and small hotel rooms my temporary housing. The more I traveled the more I discovered about myself and more I craved to understand my life’s meaning and purpose. I walked across sea shores, discovered hidden waterfalls, climbed mountains and ran in desert. I wandered and got lost, got lost and found myself. Life is full of surprises and I realized that.

I also realized that no one is going to stay in your life forever. There is no special time to #StartANewLife. People come and go, they leave memories and stories. They become part of our journey and we become part of theirs. We are part of a change, we are constantly changing. We don’t need to look around for change; there is no particular moment for change. Change is within us, it builds us as the person we are. The circumstances and situations are just catalysts for change. Change makes us strong, change makes us a believer.

Today I stand proud for the decisions I have taken in my life, I am happy the way life turned out for me. The person that I see in mirror every day is me and I can proudly embrace it. I am glad that I didn’t waste my life to please others. I did what I wanted to do and so I found myself.

What’s your story? 

This was a wonderful opportunity by to write something so deep.

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