Song Analysis – Mai Alcoholic Hoon

Kids, when I was young Jagjeet Singh and Pakanj Udaas used to make the best alcohol songs. Since then we have come a long way to songs like Char Bottle Vodka and now Mai Alcoholic Hoon.

It becomes terrible when you realize that the movie Shoukeens stars three talented actors Om Puri, Raghubeer Yadav and Anupam Kher but to reduce the pain you can call it just another Akshay Kumar movie.

How conveniently one can copy ‘I got a hangover’ by Flo’Rida that is already a crappy shitty song, translate it with minor changes and there you go. ‘Haan Haan Mai Alcoholic hoon’ by Honey Singh ft. Akshay Kumar breaking all the chartbusters record all over the television, the song only after this track is ‘Abhi toh Party shuru hui hai’ from Khoobsurat.

So the first paragraph of the somg goes like this

Haan main alcoholic hoon..
Haan main alcoholic hoon..
Haan main alcoholic hoon..
Hoon toh hoon to main kya karoon
Yes Imma party freakin’ crazy

There is nothing much to analyze here so I move to further paragraphs but it only leads to disappointments because the whole track consists of the same line as above. There is nothing much to analyze in this track. The lyrics consist of some 1000x repetition of Haan Mai Alcoholic hoon followed by Daroo ko mai doodu ki tarah pi jaaon. I mean WTF, you can atleast try but no, after all its Honey Singh.

I have burned my ears trying to understand this track, I’ll now go and hear some tracks by Jagjeet Singh and heal myself.

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