Travel Solo vs Travel in Groups

I am a person who likes to travel solo because it requires less planning and hence saves a lot of time and money but then I have met people who cannot travel solo and need a group to travel with.

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There are pros and cons of in both ways to travel and a lot of reasons a traveler prefers to travel that way.

Safety – It’s not that traveling solo is dangerous or risky but a lot of people don’t have that risk taking attitude to set them on a path that they don’t know anything about. The fear of the unknown can make feel safer when they are around a group otherwise I have never felt anything like that during my solo travels. Also there are a lot of solo female travelers who used to feel that way but they don’t do the same anymore once they got used to it.

Sharing memories – Something that not many give a stress on but its in the mind of a traveler if they want to share memories of their trip with someone else or they just want to keep it to themselves. A lot of solo travelers prefer having an experience alone while there are travelers who travel in groups sharing memories and experiences all the way.

Freedom – This is my favorite argument why I prefer traveling alone. Solo travelers have luxury to do things the way they want to do. They don’t fear being judged by someone they know and will take it as a point to humiliate them rest of their life even when it is not worth it. On other hand there are people who travel in groups because they are too shy to try things alone and if given a push they might do it. Freedom is subjected to an individual and depends on them how they take it.

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I don’t like group travels because it’s a pain when someone else takes charge of my itiernery and I have better ideas that no one listens to. It makes me feel restricted and stops me from doing a lot of things that I want to do. Also for me group travels prove costlier than my solo adventure even if it is not I don’t regret missing anything that I could have while traveling alone. While during group travels I might be accompanied with people with different travel agendas traveling solo gives me a luxury to find a travel partner.

In the end is doesn’t matter how you travel, what matters is that at least you are traveling.

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