Type of Ticket Checkers you’ll Encounter in your Train Journey across India

Being a budget traveler I prefer traveling in trains a lot. I come across different kind of people and most importantly the most inseparable part of my travels are the TTs or Ticket collectors who no matter what time and place is will come down to your seat will check your ticket and leave. Almost like a robot.

But do you know there are different kind of TTs you’ll meet during your travels. I have come across a few of them and I believe that there are more to come if I travel more. Here is an account of few of them.

1. The Salesman – First lesson of traveling in train is that 7 no. seat of certain compartments belongs to the TT. If your ticket is not confirmed you can go find this seat and make arrangements with the TT. These TTs will happily sell their seat or any available seat to you for cheap bargains. Remember if they start from 500 its your skill that you bring them down to 350 rs. These TTs are frequently found in trains that is going to any station in Bihar.

2. The Gentleman – Normally found from stations of and between Lucknow, Allahabad and Banaras these TTs are so polite that when they scold people to get out of train when they are traveling in reserved compartment with general ticket it is so polite that they just leave the compartment silently because you cannot fight someone who talks so nicely.

3. The Fast Forward and The Slow-Mo – They are not subject to places or stations. When a TT comes to check ticket he either goes through his chart simply matching names on the ticket and chart while others will match name, spelling, date and shit like that will go throughly to your ticket and will get you even if there is slightest mistake. These TTs are really dangerous and thankfully rare ones.

4. The Sleep Killers – Lastly the ones who somehow decide to drop by the moment you are asleep. You’ll sit waiting for your ticket to be checked but no one will come so you’ll give up and settle on your birth and sleep and then the moment you are sound asleep someone will shake you and ask for your ticket. If this is not evil then what else can be?

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