I’ll never understand my parents.

My parents react to situations in most unpredictable ways. At times they are so cool about my trips and everything but the next moment they’ll start complaining about weirdest things possible.

The other day my father was playing a shehnai track and I got irritated and without any clue argument started on why I don’t like shehnai.

I sometimes feel that I am growing up but my parents are still stuck at same age, or may be they think that for them I am stuck at same age. If I didn’t like that track that should be it but no, my parents will make me like that stupid shehnai track at any cost. I like sound of Santoor or Tabla or Flute more but then I have to like Shehnai along with it.

I am learning new things as I am growing up but I can never try something new on my parents, they’ll never understand.

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