Wishlist 2014

New Year Resolutions are made to be broken or do they? Last year I made a wishlist and completed half of them in first 6 months. I learned driving, read more, traveled more and ate a lot of new stuffs but the year ended I was on my way for anger management, brought new cellphone and a camera. Right now only two things I am failing in are 1) to learn guitar (this is on my wishlist since the beginning of the universe) and 2) I am yet to learn a new language.
Many of my friends complain that most of the stuff in this list were things that I was already doing, so I did some research over multiple consumption of black coffee and an egg roll that tasted like garbage I came up with some new and unique wishlist that include things from past years too.
1. Serious reading – I am going to try some classics and bestsellers because every wannabe voracious fucking reader is doing that and comes ahead recommending me shit that I cannot even cross 150 pages and that takes me 15 days. But who cares, I want to become a Voracious reader too. (Mini wishlist: Find out was Voracious reader means.)
2. Serious movies – Not because every wannabe watches them, they are happy watching Christopher Nolan movies and declaring themselves as greatest douchbag movie lovers of all times. I am taking about classics and get into more international cinema so that I can learn a thing or two.
3. Get Passport and Driving License made – I mean for real, just stop being a lazy ass for once.
4. Finish my script – I am writing this short film script for a year now and I am yet not able to finish it. I intend to finish it by mid Aug and find someone who understands it and decides to give me a chance. Trust me the risk will be worthwhile, I work like a dog.
5. Get published – Last year I got published in magazines, newspapers and a lot of e-magazines. This year I hope to get a step further by getting my book published. I really really f’really want this to happen.
6. Take travel as a career – Do I need to say more?
7. Adventure Sports – I plan to do rafting and skiing (if they don’t cost much) and some other stuff that involves jumping, climbing and diving into water. I tried trekking last year and it didn’t turn out well so that too is included.
8. Learn a new language?
9. Attend a concert – With that I remember I have to go to NH7 weekender this year.
10. Cycling
11. International Food – I fucking hated Thai food last year, I won’t ever touch that shit again. I love nachos though.

I think this much of wishlist is enough for coming 12 months, don’t complain that I cheated if I complete 4 or 5 of them by next month. Till then ADIOS.

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