“What next?”
“Are you tired?”
“No, not yet. What about you?”
“Not yet, but if I don’t find a ride in sometime I’ll kill myself.”
“Ok, lets sit here and then start walking again.”
“Ok fine, but if a rik or bus passes by I’ll leave.”
“No problem. I’ll come later.”
“Remember today is grocery shopping day.”
“There is a mall nearby, I guess half km away.”
“So you want me to take a walk till there.”
“May be.”
“And then?”
“That’s a busy place, I guess we’ll find a rik to reach home.”
“Ok, lets walk then.”
“By the way, I forgot to tell you. I am leaving for home on friday night.”
Silence follows
“And how come you are telling this to me now? What about our weekend plans?”
Silence again
“It just came up, family emergency.”
“Ok, here is a question.”
“Do you know that lying is not the only way to be dishonest?”
“Like pretending?”
“Yes, and suppressing your feelings.”
“I don’t know how to pretend.”
“May be, may be not.”
“But why are you asking this?”
“Just like that.”
“So what are your plans for today?”
“Whats for lunch?”
“Not planned yet, we are out of grocery you know?”
“Why did you ask about lying and dishonest?”
“I am not sure, but there comes a time when life starts taking a shift. Things get different and people who once we cared about dont matter much anymore. No matter how hard you try silence follows everywhere and everytime. We don’t get to know whats going on in each others life even if one of us will want to know the other one wont take any interest. Silence follows no matter how much you try.”
“I don’t know.”

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