First of all I thought about lot of titles for this blog but even after half an hour I couldn’t come up with one.
Second, I was writing a blog on occasion of Rakhi about how awesome my sisters are but then at a point it changed into this. Now I have decided to post that blog later and finish this one up that I have dedicated to Pawan Jija ji. 
I am not a person who can go on talking about someone or something so when I wish to I write. Its been around a year my sister Rashi introduced to me her prospective Husband and within a year he has become one of the most awesome personalities I have ever met in my life. After a little bit of interaction and fear that my first impression didn’t go good we had a few phone conversation before I finally moved out of Bangalore. After that I met him when he married Rashi, for me those three days were a lot of fun and for the first time I came across Jija-ji’s dancing skills but I am yet to hear him sing, wonder if he is a little shy about it. 
In around one year of interaction, on FB and in real life I have become a fan of how kind and caring he is. In short time I got to learn a lot from him. Around me I hardly know anyone who actually feels proud in telling what I do for a living. Everytime Jija-ji introduces me to someone he goes on to tell them what I am doing and he does that proudly. He is one of few people who takes real interest in my works and will tell guide me like a family elder as much as he can. After all it’s good to be around people who actually believe in you. 
I can go on writing things that I got to learn and know after a few meets but I won’t I need no to tell you about his patience, his way of talking to people, his way of tackling problems and the way he keeps relations with people, that is something either you already know very well or you will get to know soon by the time you know him. So that’s all folks.

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