The Inner demon

Whenever I take a song from my hard drive and start playing, I try to recall when was it when I got the song’s tabs down from the net for the first time.It is always during some exam in my college days, I haven’t downloaded anything new after leaving college.

Whenever I open my old files and find random sketches, the date scribbled on the foot of the paper would again, almost painfully be around exams.
And all my movie marathons.
and torrent downloading sessions of 100 movies to see before you die
and back to back seasons of House M.D and Supernatural
and stumble on, wiki, youtube, and of course Superherohype forums.
I particularly remember discovering Justin Bieber on a certain night before exams as well. Damn WTF!
All my creative pores used to open up before exams out of no-where. Nowadays it happens before an article submission deadline. I spend my weeks making and extending my to-do lists that never ends and only keeps on increasing. Because of this certain reason I chose to go in writing field but now my mind keeps running into other stuffs.
It’s usually a constant mind game till one hour before the deadline, or as much it can be stretched beyond which disaster is inevitable that I start working.
Anyways I don’t want to write any more further, I have to finish one more article. -_-

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