A Story

I normally don’t write stories and I am not good at it but at times when I have nothing to do thoughts like these come up.
There was once a guy simple, reserved and at times he missed someone in his life. People close to him felt that something was eating him up
One day he met a girl smart, beautiful, intelligent and innocent. She lived in her own world writing, sketching and reading stuff. She was friendly but her friends thought that she lived in a shell. This guy likes her in first instance. His mind is filled with her thoughts, he goes crazy about her. 
However this girl unaware of what he feels for her and goes confused about him. She never feels a thing for him while he tries everything to impress her. Finally he decides to propose her after some time they pass together as friends. He lights a candle and kneels to propose her. She is overwhelmed and says yes. 
On Valentine’s day she writes a poem for her and waits for him to read it. She could only imagine how happy he will feel. That was the best valentine’s day ever for both of them.
Next day the girl calls him up and tells him that her parent’s wanted her to meet this software engineer guy as I am reaching the age to get married and on other hand you are still jobless. It won’t work in future. He is shattered, he feels broken and goes back to the way as he was with what happened being an unsolved puzzle for him.

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