Say something mean something

So few days back my phone broke. Problem was very small but I had a lot of problems. In the process I realized that people say something and mean something. One should be smart enough to understand what they want to say.

People say problem will be fixed soon but they take more than a month to check it. After running for a week I realized things and whatever they mean.
Abhi karta hu – Stop your crap, I have other works now GTFO.
In sometime –Right now I want to go home. I’ll miss cricket match because of this crap.
Kal ho jaega – Hehe.. JK lol Tomorrow never comes 😛
Ek hafta lagega – They mean when you come next week they’ll keep the work pending for next week and so on. 
I don’t have materials right now, I’ll get them next month – Fuck off and never come back here again.
Right now my phone is going through same process and I am fucked up. I just want my phone to be fixed feels so bored without it :’c

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