Cupboard in the corner.

He was alone in that room, it was dark and he felt a little bit afraid but he needed a place to hide. He kept changing his hiding locations as his heartbeat got stronger and louder. He failed to find a safe location that could protect him from what was coming. Finally he moved to the darkest corner of the room, found a broken cup-board standing being ignored for years. He hid himself in it quickly and closed the broken door slowly. He prayed hard to stay hidden hoping that he is not found. 
He didn’t remember how much time had passed, but he could hear voices from far away that were coming closer. He suspected if he was safe or not. He hoped that the threat of him being found was gone for this while. But as he felt relaxed the movement outside started again. He outside looked from the broken door and found some shadows moving and getting bigger. He kept calm as he didn’t want them to identify his location.
In some time those voices started becoming louder, he could hear things clearly, shadows became darker and bigger and he was ready for his fate any moment now.
All of a sudden the door opened and
“Found you.”
And another game of hide and seek ended.

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