The Villain’s point of view

Every story let it be fact or fiction has two sides, the hero and the villain. Let it be history or in fiction the story is always told from hero’s point of view. He shows all the misdeeds the protagonist does and all the chaos and troubles he causes. In the end the hero wins, story ends we never get to know the villain’s side of the story. 
But have we ever thought of the same story from villain’s point of view? What if the hero was wrong and the villain was on righteous path. Words like freedom and free will are enough to manipulate someone to the level that he’ll set on a path that he thinks that it is the right thing to do.
You must be wondering how and why then let me tell you..
In Transformers series Autobots arrive on Earth first before Decepticons and make first contact with humans. What if Bumblebee was actually a spy and not a guardian angel and Autobots manipulated Earthlings (for the fool that we are) against the Decepticons with a story about how we are good and they were bad. In the end after solving the problem they choose to stay on Earth, work with (read spy on) military and call rest of the transformers on Earth.
The same case is with Loki, the prince of Asgard. In Thor he is merely a trickster, everyone loves him. He is charming prince of Asgard who is used by his father to end a war that was actually started by his brother Thor. Thor and Odin are so insecure of Loki getting power that they play all kind of tricks on him to go insane. Ever wondered who the actual tricksters are?
These are few of the cases, Joker was driven by Batman. If there was no Batman there will be no Joker. Joker is just Batman’s part of life that even Batman fears erasing from his life. The reason he gives up being Batman after Joker dies in The Dark Knight Returns and goes angry on Superman when he kills Joker in Injustice, and not only Joker but Batman is responsible for creating so many villains in Gotham city.
In every Wolverine story we read about a bad guy that he is trying to stop but we ignore the times when he used to be the same. He has done things worse than that. On the same time Cyclops and Magneto are always projected as bad guys no matter how much good they have done for their Mutant community than Wolverine and The X-Men.
We always read about Earth people fighting with aliens trying to invade Earth but we hardly get to know the reason why they are doing so. Of-course I am not talking about crappy movies like War of the worlds and shit like that but then over all it is the same story. An alien king is trying to save his planet. A ruler displaced in timestream because of certain happenings is trying to correct those events. It’s not their fault. Galactus was made this way, he Eats planets to survive you cannot consider him as a villain. Snake Eyes took the position that was meant for Storm Shadow and no matter how much better Storm Shadow is from Snake Eyes he’ll always be the bad guy who loses in the end.
While the perception of hero and villainy depends on the storyteller there are also some authority figures in every story that manipulate the events. In Supernatural Castiel manipulated the Winchesters for his purposes. In Star Wars the Jedis are manipulated to a level that they consider what they do is always right and its only them who can save the universe. In Star Trek the Killigons don’t allow anyone inside their border but it’s the USS Starship that violates the rule. Jason Bourn is a spy gone rogue, he is a threat for his organization but in every story he is shown as a hero and the organization as a villain. Just because they got caught won’t erase the fact that they have done a lot of good and covert works that who knows saved their country how many times.
In short what I mean is for someone whom you consider as a villain may or may not be the bad guy he is just doing what he thinks is right and the hero does the same and just because the hero won in the end doesn’t mean that villain lost. Everything depends on what the reader think of it. Villain is not a person to be hated, readers should connected and sympathize for that character. A hero is nothing without a villain but in absence of a hero a villain will still exist.

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