Bihari Barati

A barat was passing nearby my house. The band-party was playing a  few very popular classic and typical Bihari barat love numbers. I was busy playing with my niece and few songs from their collection was real odd or may be new addition when all of a sudden they started playing. Mere Desh ki dharti Sona Ugle. This is not a new thing for me but for some of my cousins it was really weird. I  strictly warned band walas at my brother’s wedding not not play this song.

My cousin sister who was born and brought up in hyderabad and never been to a Bihari marriage laughed like hell after this song came up and so did others, while my little niece started dancing on the tracks along with it.

There is no symbolism behind this song. All people want is to dance and whatever be the song they’ll dance to it.

Mere desh ke dharti is fast paced and popular :D.

And who cares when people dancing to it didn’t care whatever the song was.

 Anyways, the song changed to Baharo phul barsao mera mehboob aaya hai at Dulhan’s doorsteps.

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  1. i insist on 2 songs when in UP/Bihar, bagalwali jaan maareli and lollypop lagelu :DPrem ne mana kiya tha par uski shaadi mein bhi bajwaya tha aur public khush hoke naachi 😛

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