To Write Something

I was thinking of writing a blog for sometime, but had no idea to write about what? Then I started writing this post in total random. So here it is.
World : I think the world is going crazy with time, Everywhere you’ll find people acting in a strange and weird way . Everyone is losing sensibility and is kinda lost. Anywhere in this world.
Sometimes I even feel this universe is shifting and getting imbalanced. More I try to figure things and connect things the more I get disconnected….I have no idea what to do.
LIFE : What a wonderful life it is, untilit goes in right direction 😀 AND THAT RARELY HAPPENS WITH SOMEONE LIKE ME! Hmmwhere I was ??? oh yeah ! Life! Basic thinking toward life is you come alone and go alone from this world. So the only thing that matters is what you do here so my theory starts and end on that thinking only.

I am confused right now and have no idea what to write more in here. Guess I’ll post this now. Sorry for wasting your time.

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