Discount Traps.

Ek par ek muft. This is some chutyapa India Buyers need to understand that it is a trap. People who are big fans of departmental stores and prefer shopping there and then these are the places which come up with such deals and we just can’t resists it.
Right now end of the season sale is going on in everywhere. All the stores are trying to throw out their faltu stuff to get fresh stock. For average buyers this is the best time to buy. Seriously? Who the hell will buy winterwear in Feb? The answer is everyone because 50% discounts is a big deal and who cares about fashion in next winters. 
These average buyers consists mostly of girls who have no buying sense. They’ll buy anything that they don’t need but according to them it was worth it. Because of such females shops and stores run all year around with so much success. You won’t buy something which is 599 on MRP but once the shop announced 50% flat discount on everything after increasing price to 35% everyone will drop in like it is end of the world. 
So the moral of the story is. Shop sensibly and stop filling your house with stuff you don’t need.

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