Life sucks but not more than daily soaps

I am writing this post out of extreme irritation that I going through right now while watching Gope Bahu on TV. Every evening I sit next to my mom for an hour so that she stops complaining how I don’t give time to her apart from my work. And then the torture starts and these stupid crappy TV shows come around make me feel irritated. But today I was tortured with India TV’s breaking news shit because most of the channels were down. So I have decided to do things to get rid of this problem forever.
1 Don’t pay cable walla from coming month. Anyways Patna will soon join other cities for a set top box and hence I won’t go through this torture of local channels again.
2 Get a 2nd TV if possible but my parents will kick my ass.
3 Run away, which is I am going to do soon.
4 Punch cable wala to death. 
I don’t understand logic of such idiotic TV shows that come on TV. I don’t know why people what news. Newspapers are a better option and yet news channels are preferred. There is no news just some nonsense drama that goes on which is fully capable of making you depressed.
This is the reason I love reality shows so much. These producers are awesome people who bring along shows with extreme melodrama in their scripts and give me a whole punching bag medium to vent out my frustration. They should make a reality show for babies where fastest baby to finish milk wins.
And then these news channels give me enough reason to break my TV set but dad will beat the shit out of me. The most pakau channels comprise of all the news channels. Even a chef doesn’t know how to serve the same food with again and again with different taste like these channels show the same news.
Anyways I really hate my TV. More than FB and twitter. The later kills time the former can kill a person itself. Also no star world or HBO comes here. My life sucks.

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