I have wondered for long about what drives me.
I think if I find answer to this question I’ll be able to solve a lot of my problems. My life is a kumbh mela of personal problems and hence the point where this blogpost comes up.
I have made a lot of mistakes in life and when I think about it gives me a weird feeling. I think WTF I was like that? 
Can you imagine how it feels?
Those events turned me into what I am today. Things I went through because of my own fault taught me a lot. I can feel them for myself only. These stupid strange memories are certain treasures that come and go around.
Past is like a joyride like a roller coaster which takes you a lot through ups and downs. These memories are shortlived and yet so strong like anything else. Due to this roller coaster I end up doing stupid things. I talk non-sense tweet about it make blogs and make others read about it. Life is fun.

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