Long drive memories

I Found this pic in my hard disk this morning. Some old memories came up. I don’t remember the route or the people I took this picture with but is definitely part of old memories.

What image comes in your mind when someone talks to you about a car ride? Speeding car, loud music playing inside in middle of the night on a highway with no speed limit (on may be some limit but who cares) 
For me most of these four wheeler memories are mostly related to awesome highways on Bangalore and some on Mumbai Poona highway. 
The feeling of long drives that come up spontaneously is simply different. Your friends, the music are two things that is the best part about these journeys and the effect is simply special.
Our first long drive was in a friend’s car that brought it by the money his parents gave him to buy a lathe machine. Children fool their parents in most excuses possible. My father is a bank employee so the maximum foolery used to happen was fake tuition money. This guy’s father was on a high rank government employee so he tricked them with a lathe machine and brought a Tata Sumo. 
We used to leave either for Airport road in midnight or for some midnight snack at CCD Mysore road and Tumkur highway dhabas. Plans always used to come up in middle of night all of a sudden. I always used to get the front seat and used to torture everyone with my playlist. If you ever saw a car with bhopuri songs playing on high volume then that will be me and my friends.
Another special part of such rides is everyone trying to talk their throats off because of the loud music, after a while humor and jokes become lame as usual and everyone ends up talking about some old story all of a sudden. 
Also many of these long drives have happened just in search of a cigarette. It used to be some kind of ritual that normally no-one used to have a cigarette in middle of the night and the only shop that used to stay open at that time was 20 Km away from our place somewhere near airport. There was also one who used to sell near Columbia Asia and Yasvantpur but that was no sure shot. I left smoking a long time back, but for the rest smoking was as necessary as water and air. 
The return journey is always on slow speed because no one likes to leave the road. The journey from home that just took 45 min it takes almost 2 hours while returning. Lot of pictures, most of it looks same but each has a unique memory attached to it.

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