We all have that one person in our group who cracks maximum number of practical jokes and makes people angry with their antiques. We all know someone you can pull anyone’s legs until they give up and go on panic mode (PS: That’s not me). One person about who you tell ‘don’t trust what he says’ and still he is the most trustworthy. You may know someone with these qualities but when we talk about Ashutosh one needs to multiply these qualities 10 times. 
And then like most of my Workaholic friends he is the 2ndworst I guess. He once ran out while watching a movie to finish a call from office and missed some important scenes. He is also a part time philosopher and simultaneously switches his role between a standup comedian and gyani baba.
He is one of few people who are always on constant learning mode. Although I am lucky to have friends who are not arrogant and throw around fake pride about what they know and what they are but among all he is the best. Ashutosh likes to know things, learn stuff. If you have a hobby and you are good at it, he’ll try his best to make it his own. He is rarest of his breed that doesn’t rely on Google for everything and prefers the old school way of asking. 
Although he leaves no one when he is joking around but there is one person, who is the evergreen victim of his pranks. I won’t tell her name let her come ahead and accept the fact. He is such a good actor that when joking he looks all serious and can make people fall into the trap. 
For the time being he is in Korea working his ass off and was missed the most during our Goa trip. I guess he is missing India a little bit because these days he has gone all patriotic on facebook (a stage from where both I and Saket returned after achieving nothing :P). His hold on languages is the most amazing thing about him. I have lost count how many languages he is fluent in, I guess by now he would have learned some Korean words too. 
He is someone who is worth being friends with, talking random stuff while having beer. He is a good talker and a good listener at the same time.
And if anyone believes that this blog is one of my Maska Maro stuff for gifts he’ll be bringing from Korea, then it is not. Although who doesn’t love free gifts. 😀

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